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  1. Well Hello Numero Uno :D Are we looking forward to another exciting fun time with our MN crew or what?

    At the risk of getting in to trouble....since we are off topic...yes. Yes we are. Look for the thread to be up in by the end of the month. As a veteran I will need your help more than ever this year Admiral ;)

    And since this is the Art works topic, did you have any suggestions for the MN banner?

  2. Hmm, I won't lie with school and all, I barely have any time left on my hands, but I've been following the MN for the past two seasons and I would actually love to attempt this little feat. Could you give me a little more details though? What would you like to see in the siggy? What should be written and what types of graphics (players or just logos?)...

    You can check out some of the sigs I made and let me know if that's the style you're looking for (like my current siggy)

    Hey thanks for the offer. It's always awesome to see community members chip in. This is how after all the MN thread became what it is today ;)

    I will send you a PM with some further details.

    Thanks again,


  3. Good morning all. So much talent in this thread!

    For those of you who don't know me, I have been running the MN thread (three years running now) and it has quickly turned into a vastly popular thread with many individuals providing useful information on a daily basis. To reward these dedicated users, last year we began to tag them with images and titles in their sig...a small thank you from the community in here to sho appreciation for the daily volunteer work they do.

    All that to say, I thought it would be nice to upgrade the smilies we had to a bonified banner. Something thin that would fit snuggly below the sig. I know we're not allowed to have double sigs in this forum, but the admins and moderators were kind enough to let us include a small image in recognition of the MN contributers.

    So the reason I am posting here this morning is because unfortunately I have 0 talent when it comes to creating images. I was wondering if anyone in here wanted to help with this endeavor. It would comprise of creating a thin (1/4 of the hight of regular sigs) banner to fit below the sig images. If anyone would be kind enough to help out please PM me.

    Many thanks,


  4. Welcome mrs HLD!

    I hope you enjoy the forum!

    Dear forum friends, I can vouch for mrs HLD and tell you that she is a true Habs fan and beautiful human being, just like her spouse.  

    (Yes, Mat and I have met them both!!)

    (and congratulations, mrs HLD--if you need any advice on the whole "walking biodome" experience, and on bringing into the world beautiful Habs fans and hockey players, just PM me!  ;-) )

    Hey thanks for those kind words ryderfan

    And mateus, definitive MN=0 party although I hope we can summon more individuals this year!

  5. Hey there you talented bunch of artists. Listen, some of you may remember me from the MN thread (my claim to fame in the forum!). As an Accountant punching out the numbers for the thread is simple stuff, however creating a sig to be proud of (as you can see) is a lot more difficult.

    Although I tried figuring out Photoshop, it just didn’t make sense to me.

    What I’m getting at is if one of you wouldn’t mind helping out a fellow Habby by hooking me up with a sig? Something very simple, but nice? If you would be kind enough to spare some time for HLD I would appreciate it. Please PM me if you can help out.

    Many thanks in advance :wink:

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