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  1. Can we add... You post another members post that needed to be recognized or that you feel other members need to read.
  2. I think we're getting off topic here people.
  3. Mark my words, before the seasons out, Weber will make Brad "the pest" Marchand part of the Bell Centre advertising.
  4. Has anyone else noticed a disturbing trend? When Subban was a hab, I read all these articles about how awesome Shea Weber was and how PK was over-rated. When Shea became a hab and Subban a pred, started reading all these articles about how Weber is over-rated and how Subban was under-rated now. can we all, in hab-land, say... Double Standard!!!!!
  5. Nice guy, probably charges over $100/signature. But he has been pretty good at keeping close to his Cole Harbour and NS roots.
  6. And also addicted to opiates, for pain management.
  7. Probably leads back to FIFA. They're all in it together, aren't they?
  8. No, doubt he's going anywhere. We have to push his strengths if we want a hope of moving him. Get him on the 3rd line & have play wing. He is a decent passer, has decent vision and with the exception of last season, has shown to be durable despite his small size. And last years injury, had nothing to do with his small stature. So, a team looking to reach the cap floor, who looking for a pint size-poor mans Martin St Louis, might be interested. We can always tell the rangers that, despite his name, he was born in the states. They love over-payed american born players.
  9. welcome Max. A little heads up though, if you're looking to learn from experts, maybe you should check out another forum. Just kidding, a lot of us think as ourselves as experts. It is good community here. If you want to talk habs hockey or just hockey, we have many passionate Habs and hockey fans.
  10. I guess this is the perfect thread for the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic games. What a joke it has become. Really feel bad for the athletes.
  11. Meh, he wants to give MB all the chances, but believe Molson has MB on a very short leash. I doubt MB will be here much longer. Like i said in other posts, with owning the habs and his family name, there's a lot of pressure on him. He doesn't want to be the only molson owner to not win a cup.
  12. Now I know why Coach offered me the mod position, no one wants to start the new threads, hahahaha. Just kidding. I'll start the injury thread.
  13. People like the blue collar players. They're closer to your every day joe. The elites, are just that, elites. Meaning there aren't very many of them, most people are drawn to blue collar players because they made it on grit and determination. Not everyone is blessed with a high skillset, but everyone has it in them to give it their 100% and guys like Shaw remind us of this.
  14. Can we just say and post how we all feel? Instead of the Michel Therrien and staff thread, call it the Kirk Muller and staff thread? We have zero proof that the call is coming from MT. Could be MB who wants us to play a Francophone player, since he's the only one on the team. I've actually mentioned several times about playing on wing.
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