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  1. any new saku sigs out there ???
  2. Thats really good man
  3. yeah that works, thts mint
  4. that doesnt work man
  5. post just the link for my sig.. my comps being retarded
  6. hows the wall comin along ?
  7. i wanna see saku drinking out of that cup! lol
  8. i likw how yor crosby sig is really smooth and crisp looking
  9. for the record though there are some AMAZINg artists around here.. sun1 yourself you are very good, kanudiggit mad HRK EkCH to many to even name..leafsrexfan has made me some unreal wallpaperss in the past
  10. thats the thing tho i can never explain it fully properly lol your into making sigs n stuff u know when u get an idea you cant really explain it word for word u just gotta do it lol