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  1. if you can find bigger pics ? you can use whichever ones you want.. the only thing is would you be able to try to keep them in matching jerseys
  2. I would like a Jean Beliveau and Saku Koivu sig ? like the both of them in it. http://www.nbcolympics.com/2006/0119/50854...462_203X300.jpg http://www.jesuslist.com/blog/images/jean-...n-beliveau.jpeg and just like under there pic can you put there last name and # (in just like a small neat kinda font) and like sumwhere in the sig put " True Leadership " thanks. also no rush !!
  3. allright then I wont give ou another one to add to the list hah
  4. hmm..well what name is on the back of that jersey ? (if any )
  5. a fan of the Habs and the Leafs?! I dont know whether to welcome you in or kick you out hah jk man welcome to the forum! I didnt know that there were people like you out there .. like a fan of the Habs and the Leafs..thats like a goth going to church really
  6. I am just not a fan of big font. I just like simple little font you know ? like neat looking. It is all about preferance though obviosuly !
  7. awesome. only think I dont really like is the font . but thats just me
  8. yah i dont make either so i wouldnt know hah ..i unno you sig makers usually find ways to impress me so i guess i just think anythings possible
  9. http://images.tsn.ca/images/stories/200603...koivu_84059.jpg ill bet u that pic would look good in it
  10. HRK and EckCH make the best sigs I have ever seen.. wow you guys are awesome
  11. that sig is AMAZING..it would be even better if it was Koivu hah
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