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  1. the avatar is SOO NICEE..if you could possibly get his face to be over the buildings it would be even nicer
  2. its mint, I just dont care for the font hah other then that its really nice
  3. ohh i got the impression you were a leafs fan hah i was just kidding around anyways, ive been there a few times myself
  4. im most impressed with your Huet avatar out of everything ive seen you do.. thats really mint
  5. hey alex in the avatar u made me, could u see waht it looks like if you throw in sum colour in the background? would u be able to do that and still keep the finnish flag design?
  6. hey man that sig you made me can u send me the link because when i open it through hotmail it makes it to long for me to use
  7. mint avatar man thanks..yah i think it looks abit better without the 11
  8. a saku koivu finland sig hah..ill use it , just no silly fonts, i like it just like neat looking ya know?
  9. nah man if anything your finding your touch..they keep getting better man keep it up
  10. man thats a wicked avatar.. have any koivu ones like that>
  11. anybody have any recent or new koivu sigs I can use?
  12. it is bright, but not to bring.. its neat i like it
  13. http://www.sportsecyclopedia.com/nhl/montr.../MullerHabs.JPG http://nhl.speedera.net/image-upload/gaine...tion_helmet.jpg
  14. got an idea for a sig if anybody would like to try it.. have a picture of gainey carbo and muller (ill post them, if u want to use different ones w/e ) have all 3 playsers in it and write Vintage Habs on the top of the sig in a century gothic type font or an old school kind of font (not one that is hard to read tho) and on the bottom in the same kind of font but a few sizes smaller write Bring Home 25..if ou have any ideas for designs or w/e feel free to b creative, or if u wann change the writings or pictures w/e, just try to keep it somewhat relative..and by each player if you write there last name and there number in a small font that wont stick out to much..just make it look clean and organized..thanks alot if anyboy wants to attempt it http://www.legendsofhockey.net:8080/Legend...ers/FST1988.jpg
  15. does anybody know how to make the avatar bigger? or does it just dpened on the size of the picture?
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