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  1. thats almost the exact same postion huets in eh >
  2. http://www.canadiens.com/_static/webupload...news/5103_3.jpg ?????
  3. its good man the only thing is do you think you could switch them around ? (abby on the right huet on the left) and could u take out there names and # so its just the pics of them? if its not to much trouble man dont wann be picky
  4. dont mind at all.. could u let me take a quick look at it when u fid it >
  5. i know its huet i aasked for one pic of huet one of abby
  6. http://imagecache2.allposters.com/images/p...her-Posters.jpg http://sports.nouvelobs.com/fr/images/slid...006/18/2372.jpg
  7. the 2 of them..no writing in it except just there names in a fairly small font .. have pics that show there whole body not just the helmt and both of them in red jerseys and huet with his red pads..(if u can find it if nott w/e)
  8. its right cool, just the font is really hard to read. and the picture of the jersey looks kind of out of place. i cant give u any suggestions because i dont know anything about making sigs but you are doing a good job ! keep it up
  9. that picture makes me miss huets red pads.. BRING BACK THE RED PADS HUET PLEASE!
  10. On my computer I have Jasc Paint Shop Photo Album 5, Starter Edition would I be able to make wallpapers and sigs using this ?
  11. thats awesome man ! are those i's or is it an s ? weird looking s hah thanks a lot
  12. pretty neat idea for a wallpaper, if anyobody would like to do it for me thanks alot ! http://en.rbkhockey.com/players/aebischer/...pers/1_1280.jpg a wallpaper very smililar to that except a picture of Huet on the right side of the all black background.. i dont want any of the RBK stuff..but in the bottom left corner (similar to where it says i am what i am) can you write King Of The Crease in a cool kind of italic font...and up top where it says RBK hockey could you write Habs with a picture of the canadiens symbol beside it..i also like the ice effct down the bottom of the page if you could put that in somehow but leave the rest of the background all black.. http://quebec.damdam.info/wp-content/2006/...stobal-huet.jpg could you use that picture and edit out the background so it is just him like in the abby picture ?.. Unless you find a better picture Make the size of him relative to the size of abby..and could you also write Cristobal Huet and Montreal Canadiens underneath it beside the picture like in the Abby wallpaper.. so basically this should look alot similar to the abby wallpaper... If anybody desides to do it thanks alot and if u have any questons PM me
  13. anybody feel like making me a Higgins wallpaper? Just a fairly basic design not to colourful thanks !
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