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  1. He wont be sent down, just SCORED assisted by plekanic
  2. ive been a cavs fan ever since i found out tey had the #1 pick to get lebron
  3. or package bosh up and ship him to the west/or clevelend and get some good picks and young talent
  4. look at the size of gill! theres no way your making him faster
  5. now, theres lots of time to get tougher and can work on his skating, not exactly hard stuff
  6. is he ever goin to get a shot over with the big club? looks gooood!
  7. looks like a young peter forseberg, big strong hockey player...
  8. Can someone make me one Of Cammerlei Markov and Price????
  9. I think Hammer deserves It! Hes North American and Hes a Vet. Need I say moree? He shows up night in night out. Chris
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