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  1. Another one bites the dust, another one progresses. Well done Habs Rule Forever and sorry to see you out, campabee82 The other head-to-head is currently tied. Tense.
  2. Dallas are through, and here's an update: No one is yet through to the final in this, though if TB win tonight in regulation, that will be a clincher in both head-to-heads.
  3. 3 days of results and a scoreboard:
  4. No campabee82? Nevertheless, Dallas's win gives HRF the only point on the night:
  5. Late, late late, but in time for the puck drop in the first game. Results from the last two rounds and the head-to-heads for the Semi Finals!
  6. My last prediction for the season: Islanders
  7. Tie - NYI Tie - LVK
  8. Tie - NYI Las Vegas
  9. An update! I haven't done images for the daily predictions, but I have double checked all I've done. And I don't think I'll be progressing through to the semi-finals.
  10. Dallas Islanders Vegas
  11. Late Islanders Vancouver
  12. Late Bruins Dallas
  13. Made it home. The world is still here. Just about. Islanders Colorado