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  1. St Louis vs Boston: Boston New Jersey vs NY Islanders: Isalnders Chicago vs NY Rangers: Rangers Toronto vs Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay
  2. Corrwrong
  3. Correct.
  4. Some results and an updated and corrected scoreboard:
  5. My version above.
  6. Some changes (and some tardiness)
  7. 2 changes
  8. MIN @ BOS: TieNJD @ BUF: BuffaloCAR @ NYI: IslandersFLO @ PIT: PittsburghPHI @ WAS: WashingtonMON @ DET: MontrealCLB @ TBL: TieNYR @ LVK: Las Vegas :D
  9. You're right. All looks a bit weird. Will have a review tomorrow.
  10. No updates since December 18! Well here's the latest. I'm back on it.
  11. Tie Tor Mon ?
  12. Tie Carolina Nashville Washington Tie New Jersey
  13. Excellent suggestions. Sad to have missed the first game so will go for a tie in the Florida vs Buffalo game to see if I can get the same points.