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  1. San Jose tonight.
  2. One point last night:
  3. Boston vs Carolina: Tie - Car
  4. No points last night.
  5. San Jose vs St Louis: St Louis
  6. I didn't get that one right. The rest of you did:
  7. Boston vs Carolina: Carolina
  8. That's true - if you have the space. I was travelling to Mallorca for a week to do a triathlon and had no space for anything other than bike, wetsuit, shoes, a few clothes and tools. Results for the semi-finals so far:
  9. Not going to win if I make no predictions. Back home now and ready to rumble. St Louis vs San Jose: San Jose
  10. Carolina vs Boston: Boston & 12 games to finish the round.
  11. Next round, then. Sad to see 4 go. But that's playoffs for you. So: kinot vs habs 93 booboo mtl vs Cenner Hice
  12. For the thrills: Colorado vs San Jose: Tie - SJS
  13. There are results in all but 1 head-to-head: HTL - 17* vs habs93 16*** Habs Hockey Nutz 10* vs Cenner Hice 13** Kinot 1 16* vs Flying Lion 13 Habs Rule Forever 14 vs booboo mtl 17* First head-to-head will be decided tonight and that will give us the matchups for the next round.
  14. I'm not sure either as I'm away from any computers all this week. I'll try to add everything up later today to see who's where.
  15. St Louis