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  1. Washington vs Boston: Washington (really unsure) Toronto vs Edmonton: Toronto
  2. NY Islanders vs New Jersey: Islanders Buffalo vs NY Rangers: Rangers Philadelphia vs Pittsburgh: Philadelphia Detroit vs Columbus: Columbus Ottawa vs Montreal: Montreal Carolina vs Nashville: Carolina Tampa Bay vs Dallas: Tampa Bay
  3. An update (without the daily results): 25th Feb: Regis 22 nets 5 from 9 26th Feb: kinot scores the only goal 27th Feb: kinot goes for both a hat-trick and the Gordie Howe but avoids a misconduct (6 from 10) 28th Feb: 4 people put 4 on the board (archey, hatethoseleafs, Habs Rule Forever and kinot) 1st March:
  4. Philadelphia vs Buffalo: Philadelphia Washington vs New Jersey: Tie Calgary vs Ottawa: Ottawa Columbus vs Nashville: Columbus Toronto vs Edmonton: Toronto Pittsburgh vs NY Islanders: Islanders Dallas vs Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay Carolina vs Florida: Florida Detroit vs Chicago: Chicago Montreal vs Winnipeg: Winnipeg
  5. Boston vs NY Islanders: Boston Pittsburgh vs Washington: Washington Carolina vs Tampa Bay: Carolina Dallas vs Florida: Florida Chicago vs Columbus: Columbus Calgary vs Ottawa: Calgary New Jersey vs Buffalo: Tie Nashville vs Detroit: Tie Montreal vs Winnipeg: Winnipeg And that last one is so that I get to feel some joy whatever the result. Mtl win = Joy. Jets win = joy for getting one right. Obviously a regulation tie would be undesirable.
  6. Carolina vs Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay Dallas vs Florida: Florida NY Rangers vs Philadelphia: Philadelphia Calgary vs Toronto: Toronto
  7. Dallas vs Florida: Florida Tampa Bay vs Carolina: Carolina Buffalo vs NY Islanders: Islanders Calgary vs Toronto: Toronto
  8. Buffalo vs New Jersey: Late NY Rangers vs Washington: Late Florida vs Detroit: Florida NY Islanders vs Pittsburgh: Islanders Nashville vs Columbus: Columbus Toronto vs Montreal: Tie Tampa Bay vs Carolina: Tie
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