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  1. Arizona vs Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay
  2. My version
  3. Carolina vs Columbus: Columbus Philadelphia vs Toronto: Toronto NY Rangers vs Calgary: Calgary New Jersey vs Vancouver: Vancouver
  4. Pittsburgh vs Buffalo: Pittsburgh Montreal vs NY Islanders: Islanders Washington vs Philadelphia: Washington St Louis vs Ottawa: St Louis Tampa Bay vs Detroit: Tampa Bay Boston vs Winnipeg: Boston Florida vs San Jose: San Jose
  5. You're correct. You'll see above I typed "col" instead of "Columbus" so it didn't recognise it as correct. Amended now.
  6. Chicago vs Toronto: Toronto New Jersey vs Edmonton: Edmonton NY Rangers vs Vancouver: Tie
  7. Dallas vs Buffalo: Tie Washington vs Pittsburgh: Washington Boston vs Columbus: Boston Detroit vs Montreal: Montreal New Jersey vs Calgary: Calgary
  8. CBJ @ NYI: IslesOTT @ PHI: PhillyTBL @ TOR: TampaCAR @ COL: TieNYR @ EDM: Oilers :D
  9. Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday results added:
  10. Florida vs Boston: Boston Columbus vs Pittsburgh: Columbus NY Islanders vs Ottawa: Islanders NY Rangers vs Detroit: Tie Minnesota vs Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay Buffalo vs Chicago: Chicago Montreal vs San Jose: San Jose