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  1. Oh, and a point yesterday to archey for 2 correct. The remainder predicted either one or none of the games correctly.
  2. Arizona vs. Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay Calgary vs. Pittsburgh: Calgary Boston vs. Carolina: Carolina Philadelphia vs. Vancouver: Philadelphia Buffalo vs. Anaheim: Buffalo Montreal vs. San Jose: San Jose
  3. Boston vs. Florida: Florida Detroit vs. Washington: Washington Toronto vs. Chicago: Chicago Philadelphia vs. Edmonton: Edmonton
  4. Tampa Bay vs. Buffalo: Buffalo Washington vs. Ottawa: Washington Arizona vs. Florida: Florida Calgary vs. NY Rangers: Rangers Toronto vs. Carolina: Carolina Dallas vs. Columbus: Tie
  5. San Jose @ Boston: LateDetroit @ Chicago: ChicagoNY Islanders @ Vegas: Islanders :D
  6. NY Rangers @ Ottawa: Rags Calgary @ Washington: Wsh Detroit @ Montréal: Mtl Colorado @ Tampa Bay: TB Buffalo @ New Jersey: NJD Florida @ Philadelphia: Phi Toronto @ Pittsburgh: Pit Carolina @ Columbus: CMB NY Islanders @ Arizona: NYI
  7. The post above this could only be better with one more correct prediction. 6 from 7 is a great effort. Well done HRF
  8. Carolina vs. Montreal: Carolina San Jose vs. Ottawa: San Jose Colorado vs. Florida: Florida Washington vs. New Jersey: Tie NY Islanders vs. Columbus: Columbus Calgary vs. Detroit: Detroit NY Rangers vs. Nashville: Rangers
  9. Numbers crunched. We have a runaway leader already. Our current champion is in good form: Points by date: 12 Oct: Manatee X 13 Oct: Regis 22, campabee82, hatethoseleafs, CzechHab, booboo mtl, kinot 1, Cenner Hice 14 Oct: kinot 1, Regis 22, campabee82 15 Oct: CzechHab 16 Oct: Regis 22 17Oct: Manatee X, Regis 22, kinot 1, archey, hatethoseleafs 18 Oct: archey, Regis 22, hatethoseleafs, CzechHab, Habs Rule Forever, kinot 1, booboo mtl, cenner Hice 19 Oct: archey, Regis 22 :D
  10. Worked for me last time so stealing someone else's work again. Thank you, HTL
  11. Tuesday , Oct 12: Pittsburgh vs Tampa Bay: Tampa That's as easy and as hard as it gets.
  12. Shall we do another year? Ahh,why not. Same text below from previous seasons. Same rules. Same players. Same winner? Current holder of the Stonely Cup: Regis 22 Every game that has an impact on the Habs standings in the Eastern Conference needs a prediction. The Magic Number for the Habs making the playoffs is the driving power behind all this. This thread is the sideline bit of FUN and even has its own playoffs after the season is done. "What do I do?" I hear you ask: Predict the result for games in which Eastern Conference teams are playing; Score points daily for the highest number of correct predictions; Climb as high as you can on the Scoreboard; Finish in the Top 16 to progress through to the Post-Season; Beat your head-to-head opponents in each round of the Post-Season; and Win the Stonely Cup The following points make my life a little easier: PREDICTIONS RULES/ Conventions/ requests: 1: Have fun; 2: Please be clear about your predictions (cryptic clues don't help as I might not understand them); 3: Post predictions in the order the games appear on nhl.com's schedule; 4: Only make predictions for games in which Eastern teams are playing; 5: Have fun; 6: Predictions are for the result in regulation (i.e. win for either team or a tie); 7: Predictions must be made before the puck drops (I do check game stats for exact times if there's doubt); 8: Have fun; 9: Please don't predict games too many days in advance as I'm likely to miss your post; 10: Have fun; 11: Eerm... That's it apart from the final one: 12: Have fun. If there's any doubt, my decisions are final... (ish)... (within reason)... (bribes are accepted)... (but not acted upon - I just like the idea of bribes. Only one person has ever sent me something and he won that year) By the way, I know I've said it before, but do have fun.
  13. Proud to be a Habs fan. Proud to remain a Habs fan. No cup, but definitely a "Yup"
  14. And there it is. What a great season in the end and someone has to win. Well played, Regis22 Until next season. Stay safe one and all.
  15. Interesting. Very interesting. The tied game on Monday led to no points. Regis22, on 3 points needs either one more to win outright or for HTL to score no tie stars to win. To predict a tied game would go against HTL's approach to predicting Habs games for the past 15 years. Good luck to both.
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