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  1. Every result from 5 for 8 to 1 for 8 hatethoseleafs wins.
  2. Ottawa vs Boston: Ottawa Pittsburgh vs Buffalo: Pittsburgh NY Rangers vs New Jersey: Rangers Calgary vs Washington: Washington Detroit vs Montreal: Montreal Arizona vs Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay Carolina vs Florida: Florida Philadelphia vs Winnipeg: Philadelphia
  3. Boston vs Toronto: Toronto Buffalo vs Detroit: Detroit
  4. Friday 17th: One correct was enough for hatethoseleafs, Flying Lion, habs 93, Habs Rule Forever and me. Saturday 18th: kinot 1 on 4/7 gets a point
  5. My only chance to score: 2 ties in the 2 remaining games.
  6. Colorado vs Detroit: LateColumbus vs. NY Islanders: LateNY Rangers vs. Minnesota: MinnesotaChicago vs Toronto: ChicagoMontreal vs Ottawa: TieWashington vs Tampa Bay: WashingtonNashville vs Carolina: Carolina
  7. Philadelphia vs New Jersey: Philadelphia Winnipeg vs NY Islanders: Islanders Nashville vs Washington: Washington Minnesota vs Carolina: Minnesota Florida vs Columbus: Columbus Chicago vs Ottawa: Chicago Toronto vs Tampa Bay: Toronto Boston vs Edmonton: Tie Detroit vs Arizona: Tie Buffalo vs Los Angeles: Los Angeles
  8. Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia: Pittsburgh Boston vs Calgary: Calgary Detroit vs Colorado: Detroit
  9. That was a game... ...but you're here for results:
  10. Winnipeg vs New Jersey: New Jersey Minnesota vs Washington: Minnesota NY Islanders vs Carolina: Carolina Chicago vs Montreal: Chicago Tampa Bay vs Ottawa: Ottawa Toronto vs Florida: Toronto Buffalo vs San Jose: San Jose
  11. Results, results, results: 9 March: Cenner Hice (3/8) 10 March: Flying Lion, hatethoseleafs, Habs Hockey Nutz & habs 93 (2/4) 11 March: hatethoseleafs, Habs Rule Forever & habs 93 (5/9) 12 March: Flying Lion & kinot 1 with 100% (3/3)
  12. Forgot to post all the results. Doh! They're all on my desk at work. N.E.Hoo Rags Columbus Isles Pittsburgh Van
  13. Visitors win in all games today. (Except in the Scotland vs England Rugby game I'm on my way to. England will win the Calcutta Cup).
  14. NY Rangers vs Carolina: Rangers Philadelphia vs Toronto: Toronto Minnesota vs Tampa Bay: Minnesota New Jersey vs Colorado: Colorado Montreal vs Calgary: Montreal Ottawa vs Arizona: Ottawa NY Islanders vs Vancouver: Islanders Washington vs San Jose: San Jose
  15. We all got 3/7 in various ways on Tuesday. Last night, we had 100% from 3 with 3 for 3:
  16. Ottawa vs Dallas: DallasPittsburgh vs Winnipeg: PittsburghDetroit vs Boston: Boston :D
  17. Good to see I'm with the majority. However, I'm surprised Montoya hasn't had the love from us. He's been fairly solid on more occasions than I thought.
  18. New Jersey vs Columbus: Columbus Philadelphia vs Buffalo: Buffalo Detroit vs Toronto: Toronto NY Rangers vs Florida: Rangers Carolina vs Colorado: Carolina NY Islanders vs Edmonton: Edmonton Montreal vs Vancouver: Montreal
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