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  1. NY Rangers vs Tampa Bay: Rangers Boston vs Ottawa: Ottawa Dallas vs Washington: Washington
  2. More 100%ers coming up... 3rd March: Flying Lion, hatethoseleafs, HRF and me on 2/5 4th March: Habs Hockey Nutz and habs 93 on 4/7 5th March: Flying Lion and Habs Hockey Nutz get 100% (4/4)
  3. Home wins (except Habs and the 2 games that have already started).
  4. And for tonight, I'll go for home wins all the way.
  5. Surprised even myself. 9 games and 100% correct. w00t!
  6. New Jersey vs Washington: Washington NY Rangers vs Boston: Rangers Florida vs Philadelphia: Tie Minnesota vs Columbus: Columbus Arizona vs Buffalo: Buffalo Nashville vs Montreal: Montreal Colorado vs Ottawa: Ottawa NY Islanders vs Dallas: Islanders Toronto vs Los Angeles: Tie
  7. Going back to Feb 21st, apparently: 21 February: habs 93, Habs Rule Forever and I got 3/6 for a point 22 February: hatethoseleafs and habs 93 on 100% correct (3/3) 23 February: Flying Lion, HTL, HRF and habs 93 made one correct prediction from 4 games = 1 point 24 February: Flying Lion and habs 93 (stop already!) with 100% (3/3) 25 February: kinot 1 with an incredible 80% (5/6) 26 February: Yup, habs 93 (3/5) 27 February: HTL, kinot 1, HRF and me (1/2) and...
  8. Habs & Tammy. I know I've got a few days of updates to do but might not do them tomorrow as I'm recording tonight's game & won't want to know the score before I watch.
  9. Edmonton vs Washington: WashingtonOttawa vs Carolina: CarolinaCalgary vs Florida: Florida :D
  10. Pittsburgh vs Carolina: Pittsburgh Montreal vs NY Rangers: Rangers Ottawa vs New Jersey: Ottawa NY Islanders vs Detroit: Islanders Edmonton vs Tampa Bay: Edmonton Winnipeg vs Toronto: Toronto
  11. 16 February : brianw6 (who dat?) scored a point with 4/5 17 February: kinot 1 was the only person to get anything right 18 February: hatethoseleafs and Habs Rule Forever on 2/7
  12. Washington vs NY Rangers: Late Detroit vs Pittsburgh: Late Winnipeg vs Ottawa: Ottawa New Jersey vs NY Islanders: Islanders Chicago vs Buffalo: Buffalo Nashville vs Columbus: Columbus Toronto vs Carolina: Tie Tampa Bay vs Colorado: Tie Boston vs San Jose: San Jose Philadelphia vs Vancouver: Philadelphia
  13. St. Louis vs. Buffalo: Buffalo Washington vs Detroit: Washington Winnipeg vs Montreal: Montreal NY Islanders vs New Jersey: Islanders Ottawa vs Toronto: Toronto Tampa Bay vs Dallas: Dallas Florida vs Los Angeles: Los Angeles
  14. Rangers vs Islanders: Tie Ottawa vs New Jersey: Ottawa Winnipeg vs Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Colorado vs Buffalo: Buffalo Philadelphia vs Edmonton: Edmonton
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