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  1. A few days updates. Got to be in it to win it... (I've not been in it this weekend) Flying Lion and Habs Hockey Nutz with 5 of 7 on Friday Habs Rule Forever and kinot 1 with 2 of 5 on Saturday and...
  2. Last night's results and a slightly corrected scoreboard:
  3. Carolina vs. Montreal: Montreal Boston vs. Ottawa: Tie
  4. Just realized I didn't post yesterday's results: hatethoseleafs and habs 93 both got 50% correct for 1 point each. And last night:
  5. A few days of results: 18 November: Habs Hockey Nutz and habs 93 with 3 correct 19 November: Habs Rule Forever with 5 correct 20 November: Habs Hockey Nutz and kinot 1 with 2/4 and...
  6. 3 of us went for Washington: Habs Hockey Nutz, kinot 1 and me.
  7. Habs Hockey Nutz really on form yesterday. Great work.
  8. Right, now that's done, here's an update: 11th November: kinot 1 with 3 of 4 12th November: Lots of us with 6 from 10 (HRF, HHN, uncivilengineer, HTL and me)
  9. Don't know why the forum wants me to post this, but it simply won't go away. So to make it go away, I'm going to post it. s 1 Habs Rule Forever 12 2 kinot 1 11 3 Cenner Hice 9 4 7 5 habs 93 5 6 hatethoseleafs 4 7 Habs Hockey Nutz 1 8= archey 0 8= Habberwacky 0 8= Serial Thrilla 27 0 8= southernhabfan
  10. Minny Collie Habbies Mark Messier's old team. You know the one. Same as #99's old team. You know the one... Errrm, I mean their original NHL team.
  11. Agree to all except: Buffalo win Booins win And my phone auto corrects booins to Booing. pah ha ha ha.
  12. "The birds they sang at the break of day Start again I heard them say Don't dwell on what has passed away or what is yet to be." 2016 continues as it started. But the Habs give us all cheer. And on that note, Good work, Flying Lion
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