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  1. Columbus @ Boston: Tie Minnesota @ Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Anaheim @ Carolina: Anaheim Los Angeles @ Montreal: Montreal Vancouver @ Detroit: Detroit NY Islanders @ Tampa Bay: Tie San Jose @ Florida: San Jose
  2. Not one of us predicted a tie. Two tied games results in no points (or old-fashioned moints). Maybe we all get noints?
  3. Good morning, World. At least we have hockey. A few days of results to go through: 4th November: habs 93 got 100% right. The remainder of us got 0% 5th November: 6/10 for Flying Lion 6th November: 100% correct nets a point for HRF, HTL and kinot 1 7th November: 100% correct = top shelf for kinot 1 and me.
  4. Carolina @ New Jersey Vancouver @ NY Rangers Detroit @ Philadelphia Edmonton @ Pittsburgh San Jose @ Washington Los Angeles @ Toronto Boston @ Montreal :D
  5. Tonight: Montreal vs Columbus: Montreal Winnipeg vs Detroit: Detroit
  6. kinot 1 nets 100% of all shots on Wednesday. HHN rings one in off the post for his first score of the season last night. Last 2 days:
  7. Very peculiar. Tried to sign in earlier and after a number of attempts, the site said "Too many attempts to log in. Go away and try again in 30 minutes". Come back 2 hours later and I'm already signed in. I'm here now.
  8. St Louis vs NY Rangers: Rangers Dallas vs Columbus: Columbus Boston vs Florida: Florida Carolina vs Ottawa: Carolina Tampa Bay vs NY Islanders: Tampa Bay Edmonton vs Toronto: Edmonton Buffalo vs Minnesota: Minnesota Washington vs Winnepeg: Washington
  9. w00t! Just seen a name above that thrills me. Welcome back to a stranger, if indeed, you're back to predicting stuff... Ok, how did we do? On the 28th, we didn't do so well as only one correct prediction from 4 games scored a point for: hatethoseleafs, HRF, habs 93 and me. 29th was slightly better as getting 50% of the games right scored a point for Flying Lion and HRF Yesterday, kinot 1 took the only point for 3 correct from 7 games.
  10. Could have but I only realized after the event. Hey ho. (and I would have scored a point too). As it was, HRF scored the only point that night for 3/3 Last night, habs 93 and kinot 1 scored a point each for 5 correct predictions.
  11. Home wins except Minny and Florida Hope this post appears. Last night's didn't. Grrrr. I'd gone for Habs, Rags, Ed. Haven't seen results as only just finished watching last night's game.
  12. A few days of updates: October 21st: Habs Rule Forever & kinot 1 score a point for 2 out of 3 October 22nd: All mine for 5/10 October 23rd: A point for all who made predictions. 2/2 for Flying Lion, HRF, habs 93, kinot 1 and me. October 24th: Again, make a prediction and score a point. HRF, kinot 1, me and hatethoseleafs (first point of the season) Hopefully there are some pictures attached...
  13. Florida vs Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Minnesota vs Boston: Boston Arizona vs New Jersey: New Jersey Buffalo vs Philadelphia: Philadelphia Carolina vs Detroit: Detroit Tampa Bay vs. T oh no: Tampa Bay Ottawa vs. Vancouver: Vancouver Columbus vs Los Angeles: Los Angeles Back tomorrow to do updates (have been avoiding hockey news until I watched recordings of the past two Habs games - oh le w00t!)
  14. Noted. Will have a look. Currently stuck in North Wales (near Bangor if you have a map) and have little connectivity other than phone. So no updates until Tuesday. Toronto @ Chicago NY Rangers @ Washington Montreal @ Boston Carolina @ Philadelphia Tampa Bay @ Ottawa Colorado @ Florida San Jose @ Detroit Minnesota @ New Jersey: Tie Pittsburgh @ Nashville Columbus @ Dallas :D
  15. Hundreds of the five of us forgot. Two of us didn't. ...and now I discover Photobucket's being useless so I can't share the images I've uploaded. Habs Rule Forever and I got 5 out of 9 correct to get a point each.
  16. New Jersey @ Boston: Booins Anaheim vs. Philadelphia: Philadelphia San Jose vs. Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Washington vs. Florida: Tie Colorado vs. Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay Arizona vs. Montreal: Montreal Toronto vs. Minnesota: Minnesota Carolina vs. Calgary: Calgary Buffalo vs. Vancouver: Vancouver
  17. Last night's results are now in... Results 19th October And:
  18. Didn't see the game. But good result. Our game: Results 18th October
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