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  1. Colorado @ Washington Anaheim @ New Jersey San Jose @ NY Islanders Pittsburgh @ Montreal Florida @ Tampa Bay Arizona @ Ottawa Philadelphia @ Chicago Buffalo @ Calgary Carolina @ Edmonton
  2. No Major issues. Just unfamiliarity and a dislike of the new layout and screens. Anyhoo, herewith, the promised update: October 14th: Habs Rule Forever gets one point for the only correct prediction on the day October 15th: Flying Lion gets one point for 7 out of 9 correct (good effort) October 16th: Everyone sucks Results October 17th
  3. Colorado vs. Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh San Jose vs. NY Rangers: Rangers Ottawa vs. Detroit: Detroit Boston vs. Winnipeg: Boston ...and I'll be back tomorrow with a results catch up.
  4. Jeepers this forum is frustrating... What have they done with it? Anyhoo, finally back in. New Jersey @ Tampa Bay NY Islanders @ Washington Boston @ Toronto Montreal @ Ottawa Detroit @ Florida Anaheim @ Pittsburgh San Jose @ Columbus NY Rangers @ St. Louis Philadelphia @ Arizona
  5. Ok, let's see if this works: Results 13th October (Clicky link thing)
  6. I'm here too... Late to the party but here. Montreal @ Buffalo NY Islanders @ NY Rangers Boston @ Columbus: Tie Detroit @ Tampa Bay: Tie New Jersey @ Florida Carolina @ Winnipeg Washington @ Pittsburgh :D
  7. Lorks-a-lordy. That was a challenge. However, I remain undefeated by technology irrespective of what it throws at me. Is it October yet? And even though I changed it to "Align Left", it went and stuck it in the Cenner. Appropriate.
  8. I want Soupy to score a goal. We can then refer to him as Pope Soupy, no?
  9. About an hour ago, habs_93 said the above. The Habs didn't hear. Gah...
  10. Hey, I'm not impartial. Only penalties the refs have missed have been by the Pens.
  11. Super. And you? Loving hearing Michael Ryder's name back on the right side in the Bell.
  12. Why hiya and all that. p.s. Go Habs Go!
  13. I was about to post a gripe as the forum wasn't working on my home computer (last checked about an hour ago) but was on my work one, so I've been logging on to work from home to post. All seems fine now - other than the view on my phone which is the same as WestCoastHabs's. Like ChiLla, I'm also in Europe...
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