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  1. Dallas vs. Tampa Bay Tampa Bay Buffalo vs. Boston Boston Philadelphia vs. New Jersey Philadelphia NY Islanders vs. NY Rangers Islanders Pittsburgh vs. Washington Washington Detroit vs. Carolina Carolina Vancouver vs. Toronto Toronto Florida vs. Chicago Florida
  2. Boston vs Buffalo: Boston Philadelphia vs NY Rangers: Rangers Montreal vs Calgary: Tie
  3. You did. My error now corrected on the scoreboard. Apologies ...and after last night's games, 6 correct gains the point
  4. Toronto vs Winnipeg: Toronto Philadelphia vs NY Rangers: Tie Boston vs Buffalo: Boston Washington vs NY Islanders: Islanders Columbus vs Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay Carolina vs Florida: Carolina New Jersey vs Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh Dallas vs Detroit: Dallas Ottawa vs Vancouver: Vancouver
  5. Montreal vs Edmonton: Edmonton Jumping on the bandwagon 🙄
  6. Haven't been here for a while, but agree with this. Hope to do an update Wednesday.
  7. Buffalo vs Boston: Boston Philadelphia vs Washington: Philadelphia NY Rangers vs New Jersey: Rangers Calgary vs Toronto: Toronto Tampa Bay vs Nashville: Tampa Bay Florida vs Dallas: Florida
  8. Washington vs Buffalo: Washington Pittsburgh vs New Jersey: Pittsburgh NY Rangers vs NY Islanders: Islanders
  9. Well, there goes Phil The Greek. Nothing else on the BBC at the moment. Anyway, world still spins and I still get a point.
  10. Has the NHL got a new team? Looking forward to Wednesday night's game against the Habs (shown at 00:00 on Thursday in the UK)
  11. New Jersey vs Buffalo: New Jersey Philadelphia vs NY Islanders: Islanders Pittsburgh vs NY Rangers: Pittsburgh Boston vs Washington: Washington Florida vs Carolina: Florida Tampa Bay vs Columbus: Tampa Bay Winnipeg vs Montreal: Winnipeg Edmonton vs Ottawa: Edmonton Nashville vs Detroit: Nashville
  12. Just read through some of this thread. Jeez! And I thought putting up with Mini-trump was tough. BoJo is a [Insert Rude Words Here] who reels from disaster to disaster, but the one thing I'll give the UK is a relatively successful roll out of vaccines and a reasonably high take-up. Something like 32M people (almost 50% of the population) have had at least one jab and 5M have had 2 jabs where needed. By chance I had Astra Zeneca and Mrs. Me had Pfizer so now we wait to see who falls over first 😉
  13. Being lazy: kinot got yesterday's only point (to go equal top of the league) Edmonton vs Ottawa: Edmonton Montreal vs Toronto: Toronto
  14. Buffalo vs New Jersey: New Jersey Washington vs NY Islanders: Islanders Pittsburgh vs NY Rangers: Tie Boston vs Philadelphia: Tie Florida vs Carolina: Carolina Tampa Bay vs Columbus: Tampa Bay Nashville vs Detroit: Nashville
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