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  1. Had me fooled as well, Kinot. ... Go Habbies Go - no letting up - expecting Chucky to break-out tonight
  2. I have it on but if I was to watch RDS it's like three seconds behind - may watch it on the computer now.
  3. What CBC chanel is carrying the game? I have RDS on with CBC in the Maritimes carrying the laffs nation wide they said.
  4. They say that Torts had a 12 minute conversation with Gaborik. Poor guy will be shell shell-shocked before the night is out.
  5. I sincerely hope that the Habs are the reason for Julien's firing this time around at some point this year, and that no deflection or referee can save him from that. Hi gang!
  6. Hi Leigh, hope all is going well with you in these tough times!

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