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  1. That’s just a salvo.
  2. Whoa! Careful, now. Hope is always there when the math is fair but numbers put pressure on probably outcomes. Preparing for a probable outcome is not “giving up”. I love this number. I love the Habs in the Playoffs. It sickens me that we may not make it after a season where we proved most of the preseason predictions wrong. My point was: math holds out longer than hope. The math is still there. YES! We can still make the playoffs. And I get you. I’m not “Willy-nilly” with my fandom. But I’ve been doing this long enough to know that it doesn’t look good The math might be sound as far as the Magic Number goes but a lot of other ones go the other way. We’ve just sucked lately during a time when we should’ve been making the most of opportunities. I’m not going to give you the stats, others have thrown them around in their deeper analysis in other threads, but just because I’m showing the fatigue of calculating our Team’s losses doesn’t mean I’m giving up hope. Besides: I’d love to be wrong.
  3. Math holds out longer than hope. Its not necessarily logical but it’s true.
  4. *sigh* Under the category of "For What It's Worth" ... ... MN is 24.
  5. MN Picks for St. Patrick's Day NJD @ COL (3pm Eastern) STL @ BUF (5pm) NYI @ MIN (6pm) PHI @ PIT FLO @ ANA
  6. MN Picks for Saturday, March 16th STL @ PIT NYI @ DET FLO @ LAK CLB @ BOS CHI @ MON TOR @ OTT WAS @ TBL BUF @ CAR NYR @ MIN
  7. Yeah. This sucks. I keep thinking of being between ab rock and a hard place and on the wrong side of an eight ball.
  8. MN Picks for Thursday, March 14th PIT @ BUF MTL @ NYI WAS @ PHI STL @ OTT TBL @ DET BOS @ WIN FLO @ SJS
  9. MN is 25. No help from boston last night. Too much to ask, I guess.
  10. Figures the Bruins lose points in their first 2 games in however long against teams we’re battling for position with. Down 5-1 to the Bluejackets.
  11. MN is 27. ... We can jump Columbus into the 2nd Wild Card spot on Tuesday night if we beat the Red Wings and the Jackets lose in regulation to the Bruins.
  12. MN Picks for Monday, March 11th ... CLB @ NYI OTT @ PHI TBL @ TOR CAR @ COL NYR @ EDM ... & Tuesday, March 12th ... DAL @ BUF WAS @ PIT BOS @ CLB DET @ MON NJD @ CAL ... & Wednesday, March 13th CHI @ TOR NJD @ EDM NYR @ VAN
  13. MN is 29. The Islanders can do us a solid tonight. Handing Columbus a loss would bring the Bluejackets in line with us after 69 games each but we'd still be out on account of the tiebreaker. One step at a time, though ....
  14. But, after the Anaheim game, can we say they’re playing hockey?
  15. Add the New Jersey loss and the blown 3-0 lead against Toronto and there’s a trifecta of coffin nails. I hope they can turn it around, though.