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  1. MN Picks for Tuesday, November 14th Pittsburgh vs New Jersey: New Jersey Vancouver vs NY Islanders: Vancouver Florida vs Philadelphia: Philadelphia Tampa Bay vs Buffalo: Tampa Bay Arizona vs Detroit: Arizona Washington vs Minnesota: Minnesota Montreal vs Edmonton: Montreal Toronto vs Los Angeles: Los Angeles
  2. Another barnburner. Who would have thunk we had it in us? Treading water. There's 1 bonus point kicking around on Sunday. Both WAS (v ARI) & FLO (v OTT) need to lose in regulation for it to happen. They're both 5pm games if you're interested. ... MN is 130.
  3. Wouldn't surprise me. Kids these days probably practice the most outrageous things they can think of.
  4. Definitely made it happen, for sure.
  5. Tuned in just in time to see that pretty little play. Some of my better timing. ... and again.
  6. I don’t buy the argument that we can’t criticize a player. Sure, it shouldn’t get personal but he’s been a player in Montreal for how long now? 10 years? He knew the market and he had to know that such a massive contract was only going to intensify the spotlight on him. I’m not saying it’s okay to rake him over the coals and ridicule him but he’s handsomely paid to do a job and right now he’s doing it poorly. People pay a lot of money to see him play and, IMO, they’re entitled to call him out for subpar performances. I wouldn’t be surprised if part of that ridiculous ask was to compensate for the rabid fans/media and the flak he know he was likely to get over the course of the contract. Regardless, it is what it is. Has he been a stand up guy and owned his shortcomings? Absolutely. But he doesn’t get a free pass. Nor should he. Nor should any player. If you can’t handle the criticism that comes with playing in a professional league, get out of your contract and join a beer league.
  7. Pretty much sitting on the fence, now. ... MN is 133.
  8. MN Picks for Saturday, November 10th ... VAN @ BUF (1:00 Eastern) CHI @ PHI (1:00 Eastern) TOR @ BOS VGK @ MON OTT @ TB NYI @ FLO ARI @ PIT DET @ CAR NYR @ CLB ... & Sunday, November 11th ... OTT @ FLO (5:00 Eastern) ARI @ WAS(5:00 Eastern) NJD @ WIN VGK @ BOS ... & Monday, November 12th VAN @ NYR CHI @ CAR CLB @ DAL
  9. MN Picks for Friday, November 9th NJD @ TOR CLB @ WAS NYR @ DET
  10. I suppose we can put to rest that 'no consecutive losses' narrative.
  11. That's the problem. Inconsistency is normalized. It was still a hit from behind.