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  1. I got away with one last night. More than I deserved. I never gave you the nod and good luck wishes that good sportsmanship expects. I'm sorry for that. It's been a busy time. I like your picks and I want to take them but it's dull move, especially by a lower seed. BOS (tie) WAS CAL
  2. Guess I need to actually think, now 73. TBL NYI STL (tie) NAS SJS
  3. It was a good run, if incomplete. I slacked on NL board updates during the closing weeks, sorry, seeing as how there only a couple of teams we were chasing. Looking at the end of season standings, a few things stand out: - 4 points back of Toronto. Had we not blown that 3-goal a while back, that’s a 4-point swing right there. We would’ve lost the tiebreaker but the race ended up much closer than it seemed for a lot of the season. - 2 points back of Columbus. Win our last game against them and we’re in. - 3 points back of Carolina. Win our last game against them and we’re in. Sure, every team can go back through the season and find missed points but there’s a bit of a sting knowing we had at least 2 solid chances and didn’t capitalize. Orher factors that could’ve put us in the post-season, IMO, some with more ease than others maybe: - a better PP - better goaltending (by Price early in the season and by Niemi all season long) - better finish by Drouin Other things went drastically in our favour, namely Tatar and Domi and Price’s return to form. Hopefully we can maintain some of the positives going into next season while improving upon and mitigating some of our liabilities. Another long off-season begins, about 180 days give or take.
  4. Was fun while it lasted. Would’ve been better for another morning of hope tomorrow but sadly denied. MN Fails.
  5. 1-1. Feel free to Go Rangers Go anytime now. ... upon edit: that was me. i did that.
  6. Shades of 2005’s last game of the season, except back then we lost. What a game that was. I think it was 2005, anyway. We lost a back and forth affair 6-5. I could be wrong. ... MN is 9. Columbus playing their game in hand this evening against Buffalo. A Bluejackets loss puts us back into a tie (though losing on the tiebreaker) but a win closes the door a little more on hope as we’d be 2 down with 3 to play.
  7. Coincidentally, Columbus is in Nashville tonight. If we can get past the Jets and the Preds do us a favour, that’s a nice 4 point swing. It would put us back into a tie with the Bluejackets as far as net losses go. Still an uphill battle but not as daunting.
  8. Yeah ... ... MN is 11. That game really couldn’t have played out any worse. We played 2 games in the past week or so against the 2 teams we were battling for a last spot with and lost them both. What does that say? We’re looking at finishing exactly in the worst spot for our “re-tool”: no good picks and no good playoff experience. This off-season, regardless of miraculously making the playoffs and short of winning the Cup, is vital IMO. We can’t keep middling along at this point. We’re too good to tank but not yet good enough to contend. Some pieces are there and some aren’t. Some of our pieces aren’t working as well as we’d like and some are punching above their weight. And at the end of the season, if we’re booking tee times from the dressing room during intermissions of the 82nd game, a lot of this is on our powerplay. It’s cost us many games easy. Probably enough games to have made this game relatively moot. That’s someone’s responsibility. Not mine, thank goodness, because I can’t afford to lose my job.
  9. Unless he plans on pinching realllllly deep, I don't see what good he's going to do at this point.
  10. We lost both games we played against teams we were in the hunt with for the last 2 spots. If we do manage to make it, it'll be despite ourselves.
  11. Jeez. I lose signal for a few minutes and come back to this?!? Did they just give up? ... oh great. pp.
  12. Obviously WC1 is still mathematically there (the MN WC1 would be 14) but it’s an extra game and a half away. I think it would take a serious collapse by the Hurricanes or near-perfection on our part. ... MN is 11. Obviously a HUGE 4-point game tomorrow night. A loss would be the last unofficial nail, IMO.
  13. MN Picks for Tuesday, March 26th ... CAR @ WAS NYI @ CLB FLO @ MON BUF @ OTT ... & Wednesday, March 27th TOR @ PHI NYR @ BOS
  14. MN is 13. Not going to win many 1-0 games. Thanks for nothing, Vancouver.
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