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  1. But, after the Anaheim game, can we say they’re playing hockey?
  2. Add the New Jersey loss and the blown 3-0 lead against Toronto and there’s a trifecta of coffin nails. I hope they can turn it around, though.
  3. Lots of rest in the near future if we don't start winning games. Can't we bury this thread?
  4. MN Picks for Saturday, March 9th ... BUF @ COL NJD @ NYR PHI @ NYI OTT @ BOS DET @ TBL PIT @ CBJ TOR @ EDM CAR @ NAS ... & Sunday, March 10th DET @ FLO (5pm Eastern) WIN @ WAS BOS @ PIT
  5. I got nothing. The Conference and Division are out of reach.
  6. At this point, if I was in charge, I’d hire you on innovation alone.
  7. Carolina’s looking to lose 1 of their games in hand. This isn’t just the playoff spot but we can gain ground on avoiding Tampa with a win.
  8. Here's a new one: MN WC1 is 33. We're 2 games back of avoiding Tampa while treading water against early tee times. Go Jets Go. ... Next Habs loss or Tampa win divides the Division and Conference math by zero. ... We don't have a lot of tiebreakers. ... MN is 29.
  9. Just as long as the shark lands safely and doesn’t catch fire, we should be alright.
  10. Jeez. They scored twice in 30 seconds to come back from down a goal. Rapid fire daggers.* *That’s actually a good line for a haiku. I’d take a stab at it but something about Boston dulls the edge of inspiration.
  11. MN Picks for Thursday, March 7th ... FLO @ BOS CLB @ PIT NYI @ OTT NYR @ DET MIN @ TBL BUF @ CHI MON @ SJS ... & Friday, March 8th MIN @ FLO NJD @ WAS WIN @ CAR MON @ ANA
  12. Regarding Thursday night's games: we don't get any bonus points from Carolina or Pittsburgh losses. A regulation Columbus loss gives us 2. I think the ideal is for Columbus to lose 2 straight to Pittsburgh which would give us at least a 1 game cushion on the 2nd WC spot providing we can beat one of San Jose or Anaheim. Carolina losses would keep the dream of WC1 alive.
  13. MN is 31. All the games that mattered to us last night went into extra time with Carolina’s loss being the only saving grace and even that being little consolation while they’re 3rd in the Metro. At least we kept pace and didn’t fall behind. Board update later today.
  14. Ha! That’s always been my stance re: the playoffs. Get there & there’s hope. The Metropolitan division is definitely the more enticing way to go but we have to beat 2/3 of Pittsburgh, Carolina, and Columbus. The Blue Jackets are looking the odd team out right now so it would be a matter of securing WC1 over PIT or CAR.
  15. MN Picks for Monday, March 4th ... EDM @ BUF TOR @ CAL ... & Tuesday, March 5th ... CAR @ BOS CLB @ NJD OTT @ NYI FLO @ PIT WIN @ TBL NYR @ DAL DET @ COL MON @ LAK ... & Wednesday, March 6th WAS @ PHI TOR @ VAN
  16. We still need some help. Given that I was resigned to missing the playoffs four months ago or so, I can't help but feel the 2nd WC spot doesn't give much hope for anything past a token first round appearance. I'm desperately hoping we can climb to that first spot. ... Won't belong before we lose the Conference and Division. Only about 3 games left. ... MN is 33.
  17. Must win game? I can't help but think it is, seeing as how we're battling them for a playoff spot. But they're the Penguins and as much as they've been struggling this year, I think they still deserve some respect. If Carey doesn't get the start then you've got to think the powers that be have written the game off. I'm not saying we can't win the game with Niemi between the pipes but it certainly makes the job a lot harder.
  18. MN Picks for Saturday, March 2nd ... EDM @ CLB (1pm Eastern) NJD @ BOS BUF @ TOR PIT @ MON OTT @ TBL CAR @ FLO DET @ ARI ... & Sunday, March 3rd WAS @ NYR (12:30 Eastern) PHI @ NYI (3pm) OTT @ FLO (5pm) WIN @ CLB
  19. Indeed the Metro division seems weak this year but I don't know about .500. 17 games left so if we were to win 9 of them, that's only 18 of the 35 points we need to clinch. I'm not sure we can get the other 17 from bonuses alone, despite the games the other teams play against each other. ... MN is 35. 4-pointer against Pittsburgh tonight. I'm not going to say "must win" but somebody else might.
  20. I hope not. The season to date has been a fairly pleasant surprise and I’d hate for it to end without a meaningful 4 games or more. Need to beat the Rangers on Friday and hope the Hurricane (v STL) and/or Pittsburgh (@ BUF) lose their games to get back on track. Big 4-point game against the Penguins on Saturday night. Both teams will be on the latter half of back-to-backs.
  21. MN Picks for Wednesday, February 27th ... EDM @ TOR CAL @ NJD TBL @ NYR ... & Thursday, February 28th ... TOR @ NYI PHI @ CLB TBL @ BOS EDM @ OTT FLO @ VEG ... & Friday, March 1st PIT @ BUF PHI @ NJD WAS @ NYI MON @ NYR STL @ CAR
  22. MN is 38. Still 1/2 game behind Pittsburgh and Carolina and a full game behind Columbus. Board update later today.
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