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  1. Bit of bad taste to end a really good meal but that was fun. MN is 50.
  2. What a showing. Holy. This has been fun to watch Still time on the clock and the worst lead in hockey. Need to keep up the pressure.
  3. If we play the Isle in the first round via the first wild card spot then we would play through the Metropolitan Division so we would face off against the Washington-Pittsburgh winner.
  4. MN Picks for Wednesday, February 6th ... OTT @ TOR BOS @ NYR ... & Thursday, February 7th CAR @ BUF PIT @ FLO NYI @ NJD LAK @ PHI COL @ WAS WIN @ MON ANA @ OTT VEG @ DET STL @ TBL CLB @ ARI
  5. MN Picks for Monday, February 4th ... ANA @ TOR LAK @ NYR VAN @ PHI ... & Tuesday, February 5th NYI @ BOS MIN @ BUF STL @ FLO LAK @ NJD VAN @ WAS ANA @ MON VGK @ TBL CLB @ COL
  6. Updated NL Board. Granted we have more points than Pittsburgh and Washington so could technically consider ourselves "ahead of them" but given we'd still end up in a WC position I left us in 7th.
  7. MN is 57. No bonus points available on Sunday but a Bruins loss to the Capitals will move us up into 3rd in the Division on the NL Board. That is, of course, provided we win our own game against the Oilers.
  8. MN Picks for Groundhog Day ... EDM @ PHI (1pm Eastern) NJD @ MON (3pm) PIT @ TOR DET @ OTT VGK @ FLO LAK @ NYI STL @ CLB TBL @ NYR ... & Superbowl Sunday BOS @ WAS (12:30pm Eastern) EDM @ MON (2pm) CAL @ CAR (2pm)
  9. I don't have any illusions about anything. It's still mathematically possible so we'll continue to calculate the Conference, Division, and Home Ice numbers until the math fails. That said, the first step is to make the playoffs, hence the Playoff number being bolded until it zeroes. Or expires. Yeah. We don't do illusions here. This is a place for magic. ... Movement! ... MN is 60. A Bruins regulation loss to the Flyers would drop them to 8th in the NL standings. An extra time loss would put them in a tie with us for 7th.
  10. MN Picks for Thursday, January 31st ... PHI @ BOS NYR @ NJD CLB @ WIN ... & Friday, February 1st CHI @ BUF NAS @ FLO TBL @ NYI OTT @ PIT CAL @ WAS TOR @ DET VGK @ CAR
  11. Well, that didn’t go very well. Same goes for tonight except it’s Dallas, not Columbus. A Pittsburgh loss to Tampa bay might be good for a point, I’m pretty sure, if Buffalo pulls out a W.
  12. A regulation Buffalo loss (@ Columbus) on Tuesday is 2 points off the MN. An extra time loss is only 1. Any sort of Sabres victory does nothing.
  13. MN Picks for Tuesday, January 29th WIN @ BOS BUF @ CLB PHI @ NYR
  14. MN Picks for Monday, January 28th WIN @ PHI NJD @ PIT
  15. Commenting on this thread is probably the most I’ll care all weekend.
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