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  1. Let's go already. Been waiting long enough. ... stupid 8:30 games.
  2. Tuesday, January 22nd Winnipeg @ Washington - Capitals Tampa Bay @ Carolina - Lightning Florida @ Montréal - HABS! Philadelphia @ New Jersey - Devils
  3. Old Man Winter just delivered a snow day, otherwise I wouldn't be at this so early. Photobucket is driving me nuts. Any suggestions as to a better, more convenient site to use for posting pics here? Anyway, I digress. MN is 95. I'm pretty sure there are no bonus points available. It's still so jumbled that it's tough to get a grip on all the permutations and combinations. Better minds than mine can enlighten us if I'm wrong. Updated Net Loss standings ...
  4. Excellent thread, kinot. Hopefully the Team will be just as good and get us a much needed & much desired W. We lost to the Leafs. We should be looking for redemption just as much. GO HABS GO!
  5. From Bruce Arthur's (@bruce_arthur) twitter feed ... "@bruce_arthur: I love that Toronto used Darcy Tucker as a Leafs great during the pre-game ceremony when they're paying his buyout for two more years."
  6. Sah-weet! Movement! MN is 95. Of course, all the bonus points in the world won't get us to the dance. We need a nice W tomorrow to keep the pace at 2.0 (or above). I'll try to post the updated Net Loss standings as early as I can tomorrow, after all of tonight's games.
  7. Looking pretty good for Bonus Points today. Losses to Boston, Tampa Bay, Buffalo, Florida, Toronto, or Ottawa will knock a couple of points off. Seeing as how 4 of those teams are facing off against each other, odds are in our favour.
  8. Monday, January 21st Winnipeg @ Boston - Bruins Tampa @ Islanders - Lightning Buffalo @ Toronto - Sabres Florida @ Ottawa - Tie
  9. A resounding thanks to the Flyers for absolutely nothing. MN idles at 97.
  10. Sunday, January 19th Philadelphia @ Buffalo - Flyers Pittsburgh @ NY Rangers - Tie
  11. Indeed. MN is 97. 2 bonus points up for grabs today. A Buffalo loss to Philadelphia in regulation gets us both, an extra time loss only 1. A Sabres victory doesn't help at all. NL Standings ...
  12. Finally. Saturday, January 19th Pittsburgh @ Philadelphia - Flyers Ottawa @ Winnipeg - Tie NY Rangers @ Boston - Rangers Toronto @ Montreal - Habs! New Jersey @ NY Islanders - Devils Washington @ Tampa Bay - Capitals Carolina @ Florida - Hurricanes
  13. Sorry I'm late, gang. Happy new season to you all. Nothing like a good MN reset to fuel the flames of hope. I was thinking along similar lines with respect to the lack of cross-conference games. Every game counts. Every point counts. It'll be interesting. I wasn't sure there was a Bonus on the table tonight. I'm no math wiz, please. It's just a glorified spreadsheet. Besides, I'm relying on you to vet my numbers. Speaking of spreadsheets, this is pretty much what we'll be looking at for the next few months .... MN is 97. ... The plus to the abbreviated season is that we're probably already ahead of the countdown than this time last year. I think I was already working on the MN Lotto #. Hopefully we won't be dancing to that song this year. GO HABS GO!
  14. Sweet GDT. Habs hockey is back! Here's to starting the season off right: with a raking of the Leafs. GO HABS GO!
  15. I say this to myself a lot. I don't post a lot either but this place is always daily reading. Thanks to all the mods and members that keep this place running smoothly.
  16. So good to see the GDTs up and running. I'm going to refrain right now from committing myself but I'm looking forward to everyone's creativity. GO HABS GO! Welcome back, everyone!
  17. :lol: On a similar note, Hockey Inside/Out noted that Burke and the entire Leafs brass were at a Marlies game together last night. The timing of all this seems odd, to say the least. Still, couldn't have happened to a more inflated ego.
  18. Rory McIlroy crushed the field, winning the 2012 PGA Championship by 8-strokes, adding his name to the record books, displacing names like Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus.
  19. I only meant that my understanding was that the lost season was partly to create a level playing field. The offer sheet just seemed like another opportunity for a team with deeper pockets to force the hands of a small market team. Either way, Nashville matched it so moot point.
  20. Best news I've heard all day. Well done, Nashville. I didn't know you had it in you.
  21. That sums up everything I've had in my head around this whole 'labour impasse'. This goes against everything the Cap and the current CBA intended for, IMO. It's just another case of the owners wanting to have their cake and eat it, too.
  22. Wowzers. Bit of a meltdown by Adam Scott. That's too bad. I didn't mind the guy and I know his caddie would Have loved to be part of another major victory before Tiger wins another.
  23. Mickelson finished at +11 and his caddy was probably putting the clubs in the trunk before he finished putting out on 18. & Gomez wins a car with an ace at his own charity golf tournament?!?
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