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  1. Every little point helps. We're pretty much on the cusp with the Pace only a hair above 2.0. We did all we could do, ignoring that blip versus Philly, so time to enjoy a break. There's no way we can fall in the NL standings but we can hope others slip below us and provide some breathing room. ... MN is 62.
  2. MN Picks for Sunday, January 20th ... WAS @ CHI (12:30 eastern) ANA @ NYI (3pm) DET @ VAN (4pm) ARI @ TOR CAR @ EDM ... & Monday, January 21st ... SJS @ FLO ... & Tuesday, January 22nd ... SJS @ WAS ARI @ OTT NYI @ CHI CAR @ CAL DET @ EDM ... & Wednesday, January 23rd WAS @ TOR ARI @ MON CAR @ VAN ... Enjoy the break, Cenner. Thanks for all your work.
  3. I wish you were more wrong. ... Losses to Pittsburgh and Boston last night means we let slip a great opportunity to close the gap on them and we fell back to only half a game ahead of Buffalo. The Sabres don't play until after the ASB. A win against Arizona on Wednesday means we'll be assured of no worse than 8th on the Net Loss board until we play again on Superbowl weekend. A loss and we'll be at the mercy of other results while we're idle. ... MN is 64.
  4. Yep. And give away the game we earned gained on Buffalo in the NL standings. An early goal would be nice, get the crowd back in it and put some pressure on Hart.
  5. I hate those. I just wish they'd call the game consistently according to the rulebook.
  6. Meanwhile, the Tavares-less Islanders are first in the Metropolitan.
  7. Indeed. Every point helps and seeing as how Buffalo just dropped a game, our “cushion” is now a game and a half. Would suck to let the distance between us - slim as it is - grow close again so soon. ... MN is 64.
  8. No need to be sorry. I’m just glad you’re wrong so far. MN is 66.
  9. They need all the “t”s to spell Toronto, Tavares, and Matthews.
  10. MN Picks for Friday, January 18th ... TOR @ FLO MON @ CLB NYI @ WAS OTT @ CAR DET @ CAL PIT @ ARI BUF @ VAN ... & Saturday, January 19th ANA @ NJD (1pm eastern) OTT @ STL NYR @ BOS PHI @ MON SJS @ TBL FLO @ NAS CLB @ MIN PIT @ VGK
  11. Still only half a game to the good so we need to keep the Ws coming. Buffalo facing Vancouver makes me a Canucks fan for the evening. ... MN is 68.
  12. Seeing as how the lottery is open to all non-playoff teams, the lottery number would be the same as the MON No-Go, wouldn't it? ... MN is 68. Buffalo is in the hot seat for bonus points. 2 points off if they lose in regulation, 1 if they lose in extra time. Nothing for a Sabres win.
  13. MN Picks for Wednesday, January 16th ... COL @ OTT BOS @ PHI BUF @ CAL ... & Thursday, January 17th STL @ BOS NJD @ NYI CHI @ NYR TOR @ TBL
  14. That could be the case, yeah. Have to respect the Bruins but stranger things have happened. We can also get a drop tonight from a Buffalo loss but I don't have as much respect for Edmonton.
  15. MN Picks for Monday, January 14th ... MIN @ PHI STL @ WAS COL @ TOR CHI @ NJD MON @ BOS BUF @ EDM ... & Tuesday, January 15th STL @ NYI CAR @ NYR NJD @ CLB FLO @ MON ANA @ DET WAS @ NAS TBL @ DAL PIT @ SJS
  16. MN is 74. Tough matchup against Boston on Monday. Buffalo plays Edmonton.
  17. MN Picks for Saturday, January 12th ... PHI @ NJD NYR @ NYI COL @ MON TBL @ BUF CLB @ WAS BOS @ TOR DET @ MIN OTT @ SJS PIT @ LAK ... & Sunday, January 13th NAS @ CAR NYR @ CLB FLO @ VAN TBL @ NYI
  18. MN Picks for Thursday, January 10th ... NYI @ NYR WAS @ BOS DAL @ PHI NAS @ CLB TOR @ NJD CAR @ TBL MON @ STL FLO @ EDM OTT @ LA ... & Friday, January 11th BUF @ CAR DET @ WIN FLO @ CAL PIT @ ANA
  19. MN is 78. A game and a half behind Buffalo, whose next game is against Carolina on Friday.
  20. MN Picks for Monday, January 7th ... STL @ PHI NAS @ TOR MIN @ MON ... & Tuesday, January 8th ... MIN @ BOS NJD @ BUF CAR @ NYI FLO @ PIT PHI @ WAS MON @ DET CLB @ TBL NYR @ LVK ... & Wednesday, January 9th OTT @ ANA
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