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  1. It is probably a message to Pouliot that when you have the puck, and half the net staring you right in the face, you better start putting the puck in it. Something he didn't do last night.
  2. It might have been meant to injure. He and Downie had been in a scrum together and took roughing penalties only minutes earlier. We'll never know though.
  3. I think he`s lucky if he doesn`t get a suspension for that hit on Downie. Maybe he`ll luck out since they didn`t toss him from the game. Stupid play though. I get a laugh out of him, but I see why some Hab fans don`t like him, and the fans of all other teams hate him. He`s basically the Ken ( The Rat ) Linesman of this era.
  4. Not good in tonights game at all.
  5. I think that's a bit of over reaction due to frustration. It's very early in the year. Guy was a candidate for coach of the year last year. He didn't suddenly forget how to coach this team. It will turn around.
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