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  1. http://blogues.cyberpresse.ca/lnh/?p=92 found this on Trunev can someone tell me what it says......probably nothing more then what you've all been talkin about but anyways.....
  2. wasn't his grandfather *Bob Johnson* the one who coached the Pittsburg Penguins to their first of two Stanley Cups starting in 1991 before dying shortly then after, I think Bob Johnson also was an assistant coach for the 1980 Miracle On Ice Gold Medal Winning Hockey Team as well
  3. I don't really blame the guy if he wants to stay and finish out his contract, and hopefully play at a higher level of play in Russia (even though I agree I wish he'd come over here and play for Portland instead) ...I think u are taking that a little bit to far, I think he was quite happy to be drafted and he did say his life long dream has always been to play in the NHL, and I'm sure he'll play for Montreal
  4. http://www.hockeysfuture.com/articles/1049...h_maxim_trunev/ sounds like his first choice is to stay in Russia
  5. he was one of the younger guys in the draft (if he was born 8 days later he would have been eligible for the 2009 draft) and I don't think he was playing for one of the main leagues in Russia I tink it was a Tier 2 leauge so yeah lack of experience may have been a big part of it...but hopefully he'll decide to come to North America and play for Portland of the WHL and show off his skill in a much bigger stage.....and don't worry this kid was a sleeper and will definately be one of our better picks (if not the best pick) of the 2008 NHL entry draft
  6. I hope he's in a WinterHawk uniform come September, it would definately mean that he probably wants to play in the NHL (and for the Habs) eventually...but its not set in stone that he will report to Portland
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