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  1. It just occurred to me that I've failed to introduce myself.

    Well, I'm a Habs fan in Montreal (duh, anyone?) I moved to Montreal from Europe about eight years ago and only got into hockey about a year and a half ago. As a great supporter of football (Soccer in N. America) I've felt out of place in finding a sport locally that is totally team oriented and isn't whistled off every twenty seconds, Then I saw my first Habs game and I was totally into it. It's like extremely fast football (grr.. soccer) with a lot of physical play to it and less players. I love it.

    Living in Montreal and following the unwritten rules of football (damnit.. do I need to say that word? *refuses*) from where I'm from, you support your local team, win or loose you cheer for them and do your part in making sure their opponents feel the local cheers when they visit the home field.

    Hope that's enough of an introduction.


    [Edited for the most obvious spelling errors.. the ones I can't spot, oh well ;) ]

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