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  1. Woah .... the prospect of no more Don and Ron .... "Go ahead. Make my day."
  2. Crap. Markov. Standing still at the blueline (Again). Trying to make something happen. Just play defense Markie.
  3. Lol!! I was getting tired of all those clueless folks at HNIC ruminating on why Subban was upset and at who (?!?) Do I went on the chat told them it was the suicide pass back from Patches (not paying attention). Ron Maclean goes on air with it -- gives me no credit
  4. Yeah, it's stats like that which have me pondering these back-to-backs (MTL-OTT has TWO!?! of them?). What happens if tomorrow night's game 1 goes 8 periods? They still play Friday night? _________________________ Noting: all 3 games last night were basically 2-1 games. Play-off shut-down time. Still robust hockey, though -- man, those Blues were flying against LA. Quick stole 4 or 5 sure goals from the Blues. He then handed one of them back.
  5. If the Habs can average 2.30 goals for per game, they will win the series. If they don't, they won't. I predict the Habs will average over 3 goals for per game. Ergo, the Habs win the series. 6 games, likely (but maybe 5).
  6. Sens are an ideal match-up. A Leafs series was just apt to get out of hand with physicality. I'm not certain the survivior of Booing-Laffs will have anything left. And the Habs could end up playing the winner of that series if the Rangers beat the Caps (entirely possible). I'm assuming here that the Pen take the Isles. With OTT, if Neil starts getting out of hand with the Habs playmaking/scoring forwards, or Subban, then the Habs bigger guys just need to take some runs at Karllson and Neil backs off. This will be a skating series. Habs are the much better skaters. Ottawa is the poorest scoring team in the play-offs. The only thumbnail is Anderson. Don't need him standing on his head for 4-7 games straight.
  7. I swear, Clues that TV is exactly what I used to watch the Habs on (40 years ago!) -- Lafleur, Shutt, Lemaire, Savard, Robinson, Lapointe, Tremblay (JC), Dryden, etc. It had channel 6 and 12 (like, who needs a remote for 2 channels?). Saturday and Wednesday nights were Les Canadiens with Danny Galivan and Dick Irvin Jr. Them's were the days. (Helped that the Habs would win virtually every game!) Thanks, and kudos.
  8. A lot of Hab players going around feeling sorry for themselves No racing for the puck any more (except Gallagher) Defense take all day to get on the shoot-ins now Ryder-DD-Bourque = all-world defenseless line = great ! The return of the Minor Atom hockey break out (3 forwards stand at the opposing blue-line and wait for the D to get them the puck (somehow) -- haven't seen it all season long until the last 10-12 days) A few players appear exhausted at this point (Gorges + others)) No one can skate with the puck anymore; it's get the puck at a standstill, look up (or not) and rifle it somewhere Sum result -- line changes need to take place while going up ice -- no puck constructive puck possession Script this week is Leafs gain two points on the Habs and the Leafs and Habs play in Toronto on Saturday for home ice advantage in the play-offs in the 4-5 Conference positions. Leafs go into game feeling hungry and wanting to give their fans something; Habs go in feeling sorry for themselves. First round series ensues with Leafs on a high with home ice and having taken 4 of 5 from the Habs over the regular season.... and I have absolutely no idea where the Habs are at, at that point. The series probably goes to the Leafs in 5 games. Meh.
  9. ... and # 11 for me. _________________________ And, at this juncture I am looking for the Habs to simply play like they can and like they were, before the skid -- dominating puck possession, constantly having three forwards on the dump-ins, moving out of their zone with pick passes and heading up ice as a fivesome, backchecking as a fivesome. That 3-2 win over TBay was still not it. (No more of the Atom hockey break-out, please!!! (three forwards standing at the opposing blueline and the 2 d-men charged with getting them the puck at the standstill -- meh! That's got to stop! )) I'm not too bothered about the result tonight, as long as they play like they can -- re-trigger their game.
  10. Got a chuckle out of the Hab-TBay game, Thursday -- TBay coverage: Pre-game interview with Stamkos: "No, Martin (St. Louis) and I are not aiming for any scoring championships or anything; we're just going out and trying to play our best each shift and help the team win." During the ensuing game, TBay play-by-play: "Yes, Tampa's coach has ratcheted up Stamkos' and St. Louis' ice time the last few games -- they now each play 23 to 24 minutes a game. He's even got them out playing the penalty kill together." Well, at least I'd have "honesty respect" for the (very) good Stamkos if he'd just come out and said: "Yes, we're trying to take advantage of Crosby's injury situation right now and pursue both the Richard and Ross Trophies, particularly as we are not going to make the play-offs. Sid and the Pens will be playing for the Stanley Cup, and that should satisfy them. Yzerman and the Coaches have made the collective decision that it is more important right now for Tampa to win some personal trophies rather than use this period to assess new talent and give them more TOI, and special game situations. Martin and I have talked and we are onside with all that."
  11. Betts has it all figured out -- free slushies for all the kids, swept up from game ice; and breathable mesh jerseys and pants to handle the heat. for the players. They'll grab those ice-air blowing machines from the NFL for the benches. Coaches? Required to wear Bermuda shorts for the game. Agreed. And NHL itself is proof of that. There used to be 6 teams. Back when the League was special.
  12. I'd love it if Gio started producing more: http://thehockeywriters.com/montreal-canadiens-need-more-from-captain-brian-gionta/ ... starting tonight.
  13. Habs PP -- trailing 10-games had moved to over 30% until Buffalo game -- now at 29.0%. On Thursday, they got too many PP's with a lead already and didn't bear down on them (plus one with Moen, Gorges et al on it, at the end of the game, ). Trailing 10-games PK is currently at 92.0%. Specialty teams are clicking right now. And I really like this staying out of the box thing. That's just a plain winner for me.
  14. And MT's / others discussions on the forward combo's: http://canadiens.nhl.com/club/news.htm?id=665173&navid=DL|MTL|home
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