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  1. I think that is 4X this year, Subban throwing the puck at Ryder's stick and Ryder deflecting it in. Subban two assists tonight (and counting). Letang better hurry up and get back or his Norris is going to a Hab.
  2. Emelin -- noit a fan of going for the big play when the other team is asleep (let them sleep, is my motto), Left leg folded under him as he came down. He's gone for a week or for the season. Of course, we are all hoping for the 1 week deal.
  3. Same as looking at financials and other performance metrics, in sport, including hockey, I'm most interested in "how are they doing lately". Case in point, heading into the play-offs last season, the prospect of the LA Kings doing well was clearly in the cards. PP and PK I generally look at trailing/last 10 games. It is an arbitrary figure for recent history, and one has to be careful when the opposition is crowded with weaker hockey clubs over such a short stint. However, right now, in the last 10 games through the 4-1 win over Winnipeg on Thursday: PP: 26.7%, and the highest trailing-10 reading this season for the Habs PK: 87.5%, the highest this season if you discount the early season readings, following no (real) training camps -- every team's PK was decent because every opposing team's PP was horrid. Sum reading: 114.2% and by far the highest this season -- natural since both have been clicking. Any sum reading exceeding 105 is considered excellent. The top (season-to-date) sum teams are 1. Ottawa 2. Philly 3. Edmonton. Montreal is 8th season-to-date at 103.9% (and climbing!). The Habs PP really swooned mid-Feb to mid-Mar. It's back-on track, with good puck movement, and the opposition trying to guess if the play coming is the Markov back-door or the Subban blast from the point. The Habs PK enjoyed a miserable couple of weeks early in March, but hasn't been poor otherwise. It is currently on a roll. Halpern has to be judged as part of that. Add to all that, that the Habs 5-on-5 stat is at 1.36 and has moved into 2nd in the NHL, behind only Chicago (at a whopping 1.56), and things are looking rather up. 10-12 games to go, so it is a matter of keeping things going and refining. And staying away from injuries (however that is done).
  4. In two easy steps: Wait for Chara to get on the ice Give one of the Bruin girls a little push and watch them fall down: Sequin and Krejc are usually good for it Prepare yourself as Lurch goes postal. 5-minute power-play; and Lurch having dinner in the penalty box for 17 minutes.
  5. S'alright. We'll just take it out of your coming raise.
  6. No GDT thread today .... it's only a Saturday night game against the Bruins, for 1st place in the Division. So, I'll post here, from one Homer to the rest of you Homers':
  7. Nothing with commercials (which is 33% of air time). Only on Netflix, or on the web. I excuse some live sports of course, including all Habs games! I can recommend the following series / serials: Justified Sherlock Life on Mars Elementary (although some episodes miss) CH24
  8. I'd say the same; but then, Blunden went and played a very good game, I thought. What I'd really prefer on these back-to-backs, especially with travel in between, is splitting the games between some guys. Some of the guys looked dead on their feet in Winnipeg game. Why not have the "nearly same as" sleeping in his own Westmount home bed resting up for Winnipeg at home, while someone else plays in Philly? Heck, I'd consider doing that with the back-up goalie (Budaj) as well. Odds were pretty low he would be needed to spell Price in Philly. But that just me!
  9. Wiskie certainly not impressing me; but it's only 2 games, so far. I haven't seen anything that Tinordi didn't do as well or better. I guess I'm saying I was hoping this experienced player was better than he has shown. No doubt, Diaz is the best option.
  10. In case they swear. 30 seconds behind will through off the play-by-play, certainly.
  11. Mega floppin' around on the 4th goal. It was his first game with the Habs.
  12. The (much) better options: Watch the game on RDS Watch it on CBC with the mute on, and play the TSN Radio (web) coverage out your computer speakers No Bob "Mr. Magoo" Cole. No Don Cherry No Ron McLean No hell.
  13. Well, it's either Drewiske or Weber, unless Therrien is planning to go with 5 D tonight.
  14. It gets worse, this year, Weep. Leafs are lining themselves up to play the "winner" of that division, in the first round of the play-offs, and likely get themselves a free pass to round 2. One of the reasons for the realignment, I thought; this SE division.
  15. Associated Press, on that: "The 32-year-old Bergeron is a 10-year veteran who gives Carolina's defensive corps some depth at both ends of the ice." I know; I had to read it 3X myself -- it says, both ends of the ice. Wow, his defensive zone play must have turned around 180 degrees since he left the Habs. I guess it explains TBay's stellar goals against record. But seeing Carolina's PP last night (what, 2 shots in 5-6 PP's?), I can see why, if they want to push and make that 3rd seed play-off spot. Corvo looks like he is done.
  16. Canes was his best game. He definitely needs to, as I say, "bend his knees, in mucking for loose pucks". He gets pushed off / away easily. You can't go into the corner standing straight up with your knees locked ... not in the NHL anyways. But that'll all come.
  17. re: free July 2013 UFA market .... TSN rates Dupuis as tops Ya, maybe if he comes with his linemates (Crosby and Kunitz) ..... proverbial fire hydrant, Dupuis.
  18. Hey, I'm thinking the Wilson sisters are now also great-aunts. They've bee around a while.
  19. Price likely as well in Philly on Wednesday. I'd personally like to see Budaj Thursday, at home, against Jets. He deserves the home game. And best off to stay away from any goaltender playing back-to-backs, especially with a flight in between. Habs do not need Price to get injured right now / ever. You can see part of why Halak got traded, and not Price. Price is a big body that can take punishment. NYR's Nash jumps into him on Saturday, and Price gets up like it was a feather that came through.
  20. You did, too. Actually, I thought we were getting rather cocky -- an easy win, a game not even deserving a GDT. Better April Fool's attempt than Dredger's (TSN): Prust traded to Leafs for Colton Orr and a third round pick. Yeah, right! Come on!
  21. TSN's Dredger fed one to the Leaf fans today: "Deal done: Prust from Mtl to Leafs for Colton Orr and a 3rd round pick." Leaf fans ate that up. Hab fans -- not. A little too rich and one-sided.
  22. Or he might be back in a week or two with a cage. Who knows. I understand they didn't have to wire his jaw shut. Concussion danger may be the most important thing. Wishing him a speedy recovery. We'll see how Iggy (and Pitt) does without him in the meantime.
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