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  1. True. Now, for more of the same against other teams. NYR has become a given.
  2. Huh, I never knew so much lying around happened in warm-up. We could tell you were at the game, CRB ... all that singing was started by someone.
  3. And Sunday is a day of prayer. I'm praying its not with the Habs. (Note: Martin Brodeur has more goals than Clowe this season.) The only real options left that tickle my fancy are Jagr on forward (slow afoot as he has become), and/or Robidas on defense.
  4. And really, it's all on Feaster; he's such an amateur. He should have reconfirmed with Iginla that he was good to go to the Bruins before telling the Bruins anything. Feaster's follow-up to the O'Reilly offer sheet (near) debacle.
  5. Odds a Odds are that's a clavicle requiring a bar to be screwed in.
  6. Calgary told the Bruins they were getting Iggy. The deal was done. The Bruins did win the sweepstakes competition, and let two prospects basically know they were not part of the Bruins' future; that they thought so little of them that they were willing to give them and a first round pick away to rent a 38 year-old for a few months. Not what you want to tell your prospects.... unless they are leaving. (Mulligan!! We take that back! You are guys are great! We want you two to stick around.) It was Iginla that refused to go to Boston. ("I'm not going to play for no stinkin' Booins!!") I can't tell a lie. Honestly, all that just made my day.
  7. Jay Feaster impresses as decidedly amateur. First there was the offer sheet debacle with the Avs' O'Reilly. Now, the Iginla sweepstakes muck-up. How in the world did Feaster think the next step after 'liking' the Bruins offer the best was to phone up Boston and tell them they won?!? Isn't the next step Iggy? ("Hey, Jerome, the Bruins have presented us with the best offer for you; the most beneficial for this organization that you have been integral to for so long. Are we all good? You'll go to Boston? If you need to, you can talk to them about it all.") I suppose it never occurred to Feaster that Jerome gave him a list of 4 teams expressly so that he'd have some competition going? Leverage to create the best possible deal? That Jerome really just wanted to go to Pitt and play with Crosby again, and maximize his chances of winning the Cup (finally)? Did Iggy have to spell that out to him? Or did Feaster miss Iggy's wink-wink? A 10-second phone call to Iggy, but Feaster doesn't bother. He's so excited to phone Chiarelli and tell him he won. Calgary is going to rebuild squat with this guy as their GM.
  8. And Shaw is $5/mth; Bell, where you have to contract the whole slate of French language channels, $15. Still worth if of course, Best part of RDS is the play-by-play and commentary. It bears both CBC and TSN.
  9. Edited for correctness by ........ (one's happening; the other not)
  10. Julien the whine-master again tonight. Only God knows what he'll be excusing for this game.
  11. Ahhh ... the old Weber thing .... part-time 4th line winger, 7th D-man for the PP. I dunno; can't see Therrien going there. He'll wait for Diaz.
  12. Letang: Hmmm .... broken toe. Is that 'new', or was it a broken toe before? It looked groin to me before. Maybe it was toe all along. A new injury makes more sense to me than the same one ... Pens did not need to be rushing Letang back in the way they were going, and the standings place they were in. Fleury -- well, "sore neck" made me think immediately of Reimer (oops, Gionta was around for that one too, wasn't he?). Reimer's was a "sore neck" until it was a multi-week concussion. Morrow: I expect he gets better than he showed last night against the Habs (I didn't notice him at all; and he had 0 shots on goal). I understand that's the way he has shown in Dallas this season too. Murray: going to Pitt, I'm not concerned overly about. "Big and slow" are the defensemen the Habs forwards are having the most success against. Crosby: Huh. That's why he's called the best player in the world. One play, and he wins the game (well, yes, Fleury/Vokoun were great too.)
  13. I was glad, even impressed, to see Subban acknowledge the matter publicly. One of bigger signs of maturity I've seen from the guy, his whole career. He actually said something like "I didn't give myself any help giving the refs lip during the game". He's listening (to Therrien), it appears, and things are registering. And PK has the confidence in his abilities to say things like this about himself publicly. The ego is going (even if just a little). Great to see. Subban has just got to keep working on containing his game. He left his post at the blue-line twice in the last 1.5 minutes last night against the Sabres, with Price pulled. The puck exited the Sabre zone both times because of it. He had 4 experienced Hab forwards in front of him. he didn't need to join them to help them with their job. He needed to stay at the point and do his, even though the puck wasn't there yet. The puck was coming.
  14. And a major difference between the Leafs and "Therrien's Habs". Therrien has his players focused on addressing what they can control. Example, Subban taking a penalty in OT against Buffalo. Therrien did not want to hear that Subban's stick missed the guy's helmet. Subban got nailed with a penalty at an inopportune (4 on 3) time and he was take responsibility for it. Ergo, there was no need to go for big reckless hit when the Habs had all the momentum already. Also, mouthing off at the refs during the game doesn't help when a call opportunity like that comes up for the ref who's been listening to you. Subban stepped up to the mike after the game and acknowledged such. The Leafs and Lupul can spend their time wistfully expressing "why me"? instead of addressing what they can control.
  15. But they won't. It was introduced by the NHL to 'artificially' tighten up the standings and make the points race 'more exciting'. And it works.
  16. Hmmmm .. not sure there's that many more left. I don't know about others, but it seems his game is going away from him. Welcome back, Jeff. Can't say I'd object to this spare wheel, that already 'been here; done that'. Smart-ish move by Bergevins. Similar here. But then, I've seen how this Habs team does not 'repeat' itself on the downs. Not since that 6-0 Leaf pasting; the turning point for this club. That Sabres OT loss was a short time ago, in the same building. I'm expecting first period shot attempts to be somethign like 25-5 for the Habs.
  17. Apparently, the Sabres had a team meeting after the game, and it doesn't sound like it was fun. They got a dressing down by Ruff for not doing something. (Big) Tyler Myers was on the ice at the time. He was in the press box next game, just for one game. ______________________________________________ Lucic is like Avery -- while 99% of the players in the NHL have some common sense, these two have absolutely none. NHL will continue to be tasked with introducing new regulations to address what everyone else terms common sense, but that these two don't get.
  18. Same old. It's not all that bad, but why not go get the puck and score instead. Your team is down 1-0.
  19. He's proving game in and out that he was the better d-man over Hamrlik. Now, if the Habs can only reduce their dumb penalties some more. I thought there'd be major improvement with Hamrlik gone, but not really (Subban and Eller 'upping' their game in that regard )
  20. JoePa's legacy is destroyed .... minced. There'll be a number by his name alright, but it won't be 408 wins, or the number of bowl wins, or the number of seasons coached in Division I. It'll be the number of different child sexual assault victims introduced to Sandusky after Paterno (et al) covered it all up (1998, or more expressly 2002). Some decisions are so important in life, and seemingly so tough, but they gotta be made. It's called moral duty; legally 'moral turpitude'. Sandusky's case still has to go to court, but have a read of the grand jury indictment: Sandusky indictment . One can see why the Trustees had to fire Paterno after reading it. I can't imagine McQueery survives 'till Saturday's game even. I expect he'll resign beforehand; there'll be a lot of pressure, including from Paterno's fans ("McQueery's fault for not going to the police himself, and getting Paterno in this boil"). These guys (no women so far) were all adults. I mean, someone's gotta stand up and say, "I'm not just gonna pass the buck in the circle here; this has got to stop." Well, apparently not at Penn State. It's gonna cost PSU millions in lost donors.
  21. Sorry, for a moment there, I thought you were trying to be crude. Then I looked down at my keyboard, and typed 'stewardesses'. Huh -- all with the fingers of my left hand. Cool!
  22. Jackie Evancho (age 11, but sounds 30-40ish), Youngest Platinum recording artist in history (yeah, topped Michael Jackson). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHs3422xb9c&feature=related
  23. Bourne. Jason Bourne. Or whatever my real name is.
  24. The Pope, .... and Susan Sarandon ..... in the same room ...... together.
  25. The "Man With No Name" Trilogy are all 9.0 to 9.5 in my book. Leone, Morricone and Eastwood -- doesn't get any better than that.
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