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  1. Video from National Geographic on free soloing (version of) rock climbing, featuring "master", Alex Honnold, in Yosemite. Soloing free means no ropes; nada.

    Gives new meaning to the term "gots balls". I'd assume he has a tough time getting a life insurance policy. One 'sport/game' where there are no mulligans; well, not after the first dozen or so feet up the rock face, at any rate.

  2. Agreed. Some of shannys decision have also involved recklessness as a factor. Malone looking to hurt someone is reckless. Taking 3 strides (i.e. charging) to hit someone with their head low is reckless.

    And I'll say it again. Average human reaction time is something like 0.2 seconds. He had lots of time to see campolis head and analyze a way to avoid it, but he chose the stick out elbow option. "Just prior" is vague. I had a shower prior to leaving for work. Does that mean 10 minutes or 2 seconds?

    Whatever. It's even more insulting because Chara wasn't suspended. Jacques, protect our players! Stand up, speak out, show some emotion, who cares if you get fined. Show you have more backbone than this new puppet.

    Where the disconnect happens for Shanny ... he's not allowed to apprise game context or interview witnesses openly. Ref on ice knew what was going on; that's why he tossed Malone pronto (I timed it 2.3 seconds from the hit).

    Silly way to carry out a (restricted) "investigation" ... completely ignore motive, circumstances, interview the perp whose under the 5th (what good is that?), disregard the 'biased' victim, and also the key independent, knowledgeable witnesses (the referees and linesmen). :blink: Any experienced judicial (judge, lawyer, etc) would just guffaw at this whole process. :huh:

  3. Malone never claimed he wasn't trying to hit Campoli. He most certainly was. The point is that Malone was coming in for a legal hit, and if it wasn't for a last moment falter by Campoli, everything would have been fine.

    Correct. Malone was always only interested in the offensive zone hit. He had no interest in loose pucks. The sudden availability of Campoli's head was a bonus and he 'leaped' at it. What Campoli did not recognize and take into account was:

    • Malone can be a moron
    • Malone was on the warpath, running around, disinterested in winning a game that was lost (again, @BlameItOnSubban)
    • The score was Habs 4-1, with 8 minutes to go

    In contrast, Malone was aware of all that. A meaningful game with a tight score and Malone goes for the loose puck in the offensive zone rather than letting it go and lining up this guy with his head down (it was "down" looking at the puck from coming around the net; it just went more "down" when he lost control of the puck).

    I am not 'blaming' Campoli; but like the NHL he himself was oblivious of the situation/context (who's on the ice running around in a meaningless game). I expect next time he'll be more aware. Malone wasn't unawares, and had a different agenda; one that did not involve trying to win that specific game (any more). He "wins" this episode. Could be different when a Hab lines him up later this season in a game with the score out of the Habs reach. We'll see.

  4. Never ..... I always buy 1-3 years used cars and generally drive them into the ground. I really like my Infinity G35 I have right now; I wasn't forking out full schickle for it though.

    Now bikes, I go brand new!!

    Here's my current ride: Cervelo R3 -- all carbon including the wheels. Under 15 lbs. Yeah, I've plunked down less schickle on a (used) car. :lol:


  5. 14 years of age, show up each morning at a 'miscellaneous labour' depot in the (summer), and pile into a truck or van not really knowing where you're going. I had a few 'select' jobs amongst those. I suppose the 'peach' one was pulling the innards out of (dead) chickens in a freezing cold warehouse. Paid in cash at the end of each day. Pile back into the truck or van, and back to the depot. This was in Montreal in the 70's.

    I don't imagine those labour depots are legal anymore for minors (if they even were back then), and I don't imagine parents nowadays would allow their kids to show up at them either. It certainly did me no harm; started me learning what a day's work was all about, and exposed me to the range of work that was out there.

    Separately, I did (much) prefer the Easter-time (only) shifts my friend got me at a Laura Secord. His mother managed the store, and they'd need help loading boxes of chocolates in the back at the busy Easter time. Decent store/company policy too -- all you could eat as long as customers couldn't see you eating. (Yes, you can get 'sick' of chocolate in just a few days if you work at it really hard, like I did! :lol: ). I don't expect the all-you-can-eat still applies in the stores.

  6. Transformers: Dark side of the moon

    I'm not good at rating but I enjoyed that movie very much. Best of the 3. Then again, it was hard to be worse than the second B)

    I only saw the first, and was less taken with The Transformers than I was with Megan Fox ( :wub: ) who also happened to have the best line in the movie.

    Now, one of the best lines I have ever heard from a movie critic came in a review of Transformers (the original):

    "The audio for the movie can only be likened to pulling up a chair in front of the dryer, emptying the whole of the penny jar into said dryer, and turning it on for 2 hours." :lol::)

  7. The Driver (in theatres): 9/10 .... brilliant neo-noir, with a fantastic cast and soundtrack/score. Just really well done. (And I'll never look at a hammer the same again.)

    The Guard (in theatres): 9/10 ...... again, brilliant, this one a cop-comedy. I'm Irish so I got everything. I am not so sure about the rest of the (small) audience attending.

    Cedar Rapids (DVD): 7/10 .......... I thought it was well worth the time. Hilarious seeing some straight-laced guy go through the whole gamut in one business conference trip. He didn't even know what "wanna party?" query meant from the street girl. :lol:Lol!

  8. Have a hard time getting into TV in the last 5 years. Nothing on TV worth watching, not into reality shows(too much drama), TV drama's seem to repeat themselves.

    One show I'm really into right now is "River Monster" with Jeremy Wade. Apart from hockey, I watch mostly discovery.

    Ditto here. And any I do watch is all pre-recorded so I can skip the commercials. Live sports is the only exception. 1/3 of regulart TV airtime is now commercials. Meh. I don't need salespeople telling me I should get something I don't need.
  9. From a (great) edition of National Geographic this summer -- an article on rock climbing in Yosemite National Park (California). Amongst other things it outlined free soloing (no ropes).

    "It is the least popular of all of the forms of rock climbing", the article said, "largely because falls are usually fatal."

    "Usually" (?!?!?) :huh::unsure: , I thought? "Usually" ? :huh: . Like, if you fall off 3 feet up the 1,000 wall you pack it in and call it a day, glad that you "survived"?!! Is that, like, a "mulligan" in free solo climbing? :lol:

    For more on free soloing have a watch:

    Alex Honnold -- NG video of the free soloist

  10. Not a lie ..... this is the way it went down.

    Us guys, loping home from the high school dance, in my hometown of Ville St. Laurent (some time ago), stop in at Dunkin' Donuts for something to eat and drink, since we still had a couple of miles to go to get home (yeah, I know, not really big drinkers :D : Donut Shop :unsure: ).

    15 minutes later we're pretty well done with our hot chocolate and blueberry fritters and chatting, except Kevin is talking too much and not eating quick enough, so Billy Constable grabs Kevin's milk and polishes it off for him and we all head to the door, Kevin trailing us.

    We're all outside as Kevin rejoins us, and he's muffed at Billy, letting rip with a long line of expletives, all ending with 'Constable', all aimed at Billy. As fate would have it, for poor Kevin, he had not noticed the police squad car parked right up to the Dunkin' Donuts front door, recently arrived, and with two police officers clambering out; I have since learned donut shops are a frequent stop over for police officers. Turns out one of them was a Constable.

    We walked the rest of the way to our homes without Kevin.

  11. I agree. The Gill play is not anywhere close to the Chara play, for the following reasons:




    All good points.


    4. The score was 4-0 and the Bruins were having it handed to them, in part because they were playing a miserable game. 2-2 score, and I bet that whole incident doesn't happen. Chara went where he usually doesn't, but where a good number of NHL players in a similar position would have -- mostly out of frustration. He'd already sealed off Patches earning the interference penalty, and he knew that. Over the past few seasons officials have been incredibly consistent in making that call; the puck was chipped and gone -- there was no "finishing the check" to be had there, only take the interference penalty, or get on your high horse and chase him. Chara chose to take the interference call (fine by me), but he also chose to ride him into the turnbuckle (the one you can see Chara looking at, then looking away) without letting up.

    (Note: Chara has not repeated his assertion he expressed after the game that Patches "jumped up" :blink: ; (a) where'd that come from? (other than the guilty casting blame upon the victim), and B) where'd it go since? Reporters are surprisingly useless in conversation with him -- ask him the question for crying out loud!!: "Don't see him jumping on the video, big guy; what'd you mean by that?" :huh: ) He didn't plead the 5th for Pete's sake, so ask him what he meant! Worried about hurting his feelings or something? :rolleyes: Good grief! <_<


    Additional Note: I still haven't heard of the specific ramifications laid down against the on ice officials for that game. They assessed a major and match penalty for what the League categorically said was only a 2-minute interference penalty (and "extraordinarily so", per Megalomaniac Bettman). Have those officials been sanctioned? Anyone know?


    As any good investigator will tell you, concentrate on the inconsistencies; that's where the evidence, and the truth, lies.

  12. Eller as wing is a disaster waiting to happen, as we have already seen.

    Kostitsyn has played horribly whenever he get "promoted" to a top line after his slumps this year.

    So why try the same thing again? There's that line "insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting something different".

    Pouillot then. Hey, put Weber up there with them when Spacek comes back. I don't care.

    This isn't Semenko playing with Gretzky and Kurri. Cammy and Pleks need someone with some tiny inkling of what to do in the offensive zone; how to keep your stick on the ice in the crease, for example.

  13. OK, I think I've had about enough of the Halpern as top-2 line man. It's time to have a go again with Kostitsyn, Pouillot or Eller.

    Halpern should have had two goals last night against Tampa but he cannot, for the life of him, keep his stick on the ice around the opposing crease. The first instance he was too busy shoving the defender (who wasn't on him at all) into the net and knocking it off it's mooring. A beautifully fed pass (Pleks, I think) to Halpern instead slid through the crease and out the other side. Instead of a goal, the referee blew the whistle and the face-off was outside the zone as a Hab player (Halpern) had caused the net dislodge.

    He has little offensive sense around the net, and seems lost; offensively, the line works as a two-man line.

  14. World champion poker player and now the Grammy Best Album Award winning band!! Montreal showing the world. :D

    Shame one of the group didn't wear a Habs Jersey up on to that stage. :D

    Most enjoyable bit is reading all the Gaga and Perry and Eminem fans putting the hate on Arcade Fire rock. :P

    Reminds me of telling people that Prefab Sprout have always been one of my 5 favourite bands. 30 years and they have not been moved out of that top 5 for me.

    ("Who's Prefab Sprout?" people ask me. :lol: )

    (Who's Arcade Fire?) :D

    Well, they're opening for U2 in Moncton in August!! (Lucky Maritimers!)

  15. The cuts that Pyatt had on his face are definitely not from a fist.

    Yes, elbow pads are not what they used to be (Gretzky's).

    I really like what I see of the person, Pyatt. Love his speed. My respect for him just grew some more; he could have turtled or gone down but he stayed in the fight that he was clearly losing.

    I just wish he had more to bring to his game, than his speed. Hopefully, he'll get there.

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