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  1. Saw a few movies in the last week:

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - 8/10

    RED (Retired and Extremely Dangerous) - 7/10

    Buried 9.5/10

    In order, for me: 8.5, 7.0, 7.0

    I really liked The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (the bad guy certainly got "retributed" :huh: )

    The premise for Buried was excellent and I was really looking forward to it, but:

    - the cell phone issues were mind-numbing in the extreme for me (like, he took forever to remember / figure out you can change the language on the phone -- huh!?!? :blink: ); and

    - I could see how it was going to finish as soon as the ending started (although it was still a decent ending).

  2. It has just been announced & confirmed.....July 30th...In Moncton-on the hill....I"m pumped.

    Yeah, JH, I heard it today (announced). That's just great, and especially for the Maritimes -- you guys don't often get "huge name" performers.

    You may have to get your U2.com membership to get tickets. Adds about $30 to each of your 4 tickets (max.) you can purchase but it likely would be worse if you were faced with buying them from the ticket resellers (aka, scum of the earth). That's the reason for the set-up -- try and keep tickets out of the hands of the resellers.

    But don't miss the concert; it is a great one. There'll be some changes to the set list from 2009, which is good for me as I have tickets to see them again (T.O.).

    I can tell you the Maritime crowd would be better to be a part of!

  3. Well,guess we'll find out Monday...Donald K. Donald is apparently gonna hold a press conference/an announcement in Moncton....all rumors have it being U2....*Fingers crossed*

    Yeah, I just read some of that on the news/rumours media ... looks more promising than I initially imagined. Here's hoping .... best of luck! If it is a go, you may need to join U2.com to get a key/pass to purchase tickets in advance of general sale ... T.O.'s would be sold out before general sale.
  4. I listen to alot of classic rock like Pink Floyd Zeppelin Beatles Def Leppard Boston etc.

    Im looking for a newer band that plays styles like above or a band with sounds like Red hot Chili peppers or the band i forget how to spell their name but their francophone and sing Montreal-40

    Not sure if they are what you are looking for, but The Killers are a U.S group that are heavily influenced by British rock. For a while I thought their front man, Brandon Flowers, might be the next Bono, but it hasn't panned out that way. Their albums go straight to #1 or #2 in Britain and Ireland when they come out, but in North America ..... pfffft.

    Check out The Killers Live at the Royal Albert Hall (CD / DVD); it is oft cited as one of the best live rock albums/DVD's of the last 10 years.

    Sample (the venue really is the best concert hall there is):

  5. Rumors are flying on the net that U2 is set to announce that they will be coming this summer on tour to Moncton,N.B....on Magnetic Hill.

    Sure hope so,cause I've been waiting & hearing this rumor last 2yrs now.

    Supposedly,announcement coming down Monday...we shall see.....I love their music,Bono rocks.

    Although they keep adding more and more concerts to this 2-3 year tour, I am expecting Moncton won't end up on the list. I wish it would of course -- been to Moncton, if just the once, for volleyball nationals (my son playing) -- just super-well organized by the city and hosting was as friendly as one could hope for (traditional Maritime hospitality).

    Saw U2 in Toronto in Sep'09 and have tickets again for this summer there -- a really great concert; the circular, rotating video screen above them is something else. Here's hoping they come to NB; absolutely get tickets if they do.


    My Fav bands:

    • U2
    • Led Zeppelin
    • The Killers
    • The Cure

  6. The play of Wiz (and Subban and Weber) is starting to make next year's defense corps look quite the mobile / puck-moving / offensive juggernaut:

    Markov + Wiz + Subban +Weber

    Add in Gorges and a 6th D-man (you pick), and that appears the impressive blueline.

    I do note they are standing out performance-wise right now in games against weaker teams (Ottawa?!? -- yikes!). Puck moving, PP, and even defensive play. More experience for the younger guys (Subban + Weber) and ice time together should bode well for next year.

    Here's me hoping Markie and Gorges are both back next season.

  7. Let Me In 7/10


    Actually a really enjoyable movie overall and a nice change from all the vampire-themed crap that's out there these days.

    I was 8.5/10 on this one myself. I saw the world premiere of the movie (with the director, producer and young actor Cody Smit-McPhee all there) at the Toronto Film Festival in September. I thought it was pretty much as good as the Swedish original (Let the Right One In) -- just a very true (if geographically re-situated) film, well filmed, very good casting and acting. Stephen King called it the best American horror-thriller movie of the past 10 years. High praise from a genre guru. Also, I suppose, it confirms U.S. has been churning out a lot of "crap" for a while (the 'Saw's, etc.).

  8. Really guys, French comedies are among the best comedies I know!!! :D

    + 1

    Same goes for French thrillers, IMO. For example, Ne le Dis à Personne (Tell No One) (2006 -- 9.5/10 for me) is a favourite of mine; I thought it was really brilliant.

    Luc Besson produced it, and I enjoy most everything he does (writing and producing nowadays, after years of writing and directing).

  9. Dinner for Schmucks 8/10

    I was surprised to see this at the movie store - i hadnt heard anything about it when it came out in the theatres & Im a big Steve Carell fan & even bigger Paul Rudd fan.

    I am not sure if this movie would have even been watchable if it hadnt been cast so astutely. Rudd is absolutely perfect as the "every man" - put in a situation that a less charming character would gain our ire over, he handles himself well & still gets our sympathy. More importantly, however, is Carell's character. I think you could line up 100 actors & put them in this role & watch the movie flop. Im thinking of how terrible it would have been with Adam Sandler or Mike Myers in his place. Even someone like Ricky Gervais I think would have come off as pithy, while Carell manages to be an absolute train wreck & still earn our feelings.

    I know its not for everyone, but f you like movies like role models, shallow hal, etc (ie rough around the edges but ultimately fairly heartwarming) then i think you'd be down for this one. :)

    I'm a Carell fan, but wasn't planning on renting this one, because of middling reviews. I think I will watch it now (since you are such an astute film connoisseur!). :D

  10. So i FINALLY saw Inception last night. ..............


    For those that have seen it, I'll also add a funny anecdote. After watching it I had a very vivid dream:

    My wife said to me "You are dreaming" and I said, "no no, im not - see, i have this spinning top, its mine, i know this is reality."

    "No!" she insisted. "You are dreaming. I know it because i love you so much."

    "But I dont get it - that means it IS real - - I love you so much too!"

    To which she said "But you're married to my sister!"

    Thankfully I woke up at that point. ;)

    Uhhhhh ....... hopefully, your wife's sister wasn't in the bed when you woke up. :(:D:lol:
  11. Good to see him set to play again. He's being a pro, being the back-up as back-up sometimes has to be (i.e., not playing much).

    That would be my one golden rule: always, always split up back-to-backs. No point getting Price injured, and a "non-game day" between games should always benefit him (or any goalie). Team would be kicking themselves if Price "tweaked something" on a 2nd game of a back-to-back; the exposure to injury is avoidable.

    (Plus Auld has to play sometime!!)

  12. (Reminds me, I'll have to lookup where Hodgson is at -- last I heard he was hampered by a back injury with some 'alleged' liability on the Cancucks (who drafted him) for their prescribed off-ice work. Very smart hockey player as well. I liked his talent, vision and breadth of game more than Tavares'.)

    Not intending to get too far off topic, but I found my answer: Hodgson apparently on his way (finally) to the NHL -- playing well with Moose Jaw of AHL currently:

    Hodgson articel # 1

    Hodgson article # 2

    Good to see / glad for him.

  13. Just pleased to see he's having a great start to this season...good for him...great hockey player...awesome to watch.

    Yeah, I was watching him from 8 years of age up (well, twice a season or so anyway). I'm glad to see him doing so well; good head, no ego, works hard -- deserves it. I always thought he'd be good; just never occurred to me he'd be this good! :D

    Stamkos played his minor hockey for Markham Waxers (Toronto) and my son's team would play them twice a season. He's the same age, and (ahem) not in the NHL (that'd be my fault; my hockey genes helped little to none :lol: ). Stamkos' team would generally win 6-0 (that'd be a good game; keeping the score that close). The team also had Mike Del Zotto and Cody Hodgson on it (yeah, can you say "stacked"! :huh: ). Their last year together, as 15 year-olds, they went something like 80 games, 80 wins :blink: (league, tournaments, play-offs, etc.).

    Stamkos' play (and offensive results) bodes well for the Team Canada's in the future.

    TBay does need some team defense and goaltending though. Yzerman will get that sorted out at some point, in the not too distant future.

    (Reminds me, I'll have to lookup where Hodgson is at -- last I heard he was hampered by a back injury with some 'alleged' liability on the Cancucks (who drafted him) for their prescribed off-ice work. Very smart hockey player as well. I liked his talent, vision and breadth of game more than Tavares'.)

  14. Sleeping between trucks-No Use For A Name

    If you like the killers... I'm partial to the Ramones "Loco Live".

    I'll look for it; give it a go. I do like good live albums, when in a certain mood (like, feeling like going to a concert, :D ).

    The Killers go straight to #1 or #2 with each album, in the UK & Ireland. North America? 'Yawn' :unsure: I guess they aren't talented like Katy Perry. :(

  15. Well, as I mentioned in the GDT, he has a pretty good record for his first games with his new teams : 6-1 ;)

    Heck, I'm predicting an Alex Auld 35-save, stand-on-his-head shut-out win tomorrow night.

    Might even get a goaltending controversy started after playing one game.

    (it's seems like ages since we had one going in Hab-land ;) )

    At any rate, I am wishing him the best, 2 points or not. The team needs a competent, reliable back-up, one with confidence, and the confidence of his Coach and teammates (fans should not matter much, but I suppose that would be nice too).

  16. I bet it's just people taking the measurements. I don't know anyone who grew 3 inches after the age of 18.
    I do. I saw it with my own eyes, although I think it started at 17. Anyway 6'0" to 6'5" from age 17 to age 19. Not too often, but it happens.

    Odds are more likely, stretching of the height figure, though. ;)

  17. Had a good story down here in Florida this week...the Police pulled a guy over for speeding and notice a strong smell of marijuana when the guy rolled down his window, they got him out of the car and he admitted to a very small amount of the drug being in the car on the passenger seat. They found it and began to frisk him when they notice a bulge in the back of his pants, he had a large bag of weed hidden in his underwear. The police took the bag and began to frisk him again when the felt another bag in the back of his pants, this bag contained a few ounces of crack cocaine, the suspect then told police that the marijuana was his but he had no idea who owned the cocaine that was in his underwear!!! :lol:

    And some people argue that drugs do not fry brain cells. Looks like they do.

  18. Secretariat (just out / coming out) -- 6.5/10

    Great story (of course), decent cast, dunky Disney execution. Give it a pass 'till DVD issue, if you are at all interested.

    I like race horse movies (Seabiscuit was very well done). Secretariat was boiler plate standard Disney fluff, unfortunately. I suppose Disney thinks a "family film" means even a 2-year old can follow the entire plot, even if "the Triple Crown" needs to be explained three different times. :rolleyes:

  19. i hated Pans Labyrinth . I was expecting so much more and it didn't deliver. I 've seen previews for Don't be afraid of the Dark. Another remake but i will be the first to admit it doesn't look too bad.

    You don't have to tell me about Let the Right One In. I've been advocating it for months now. I will probably see the remake but i have a feeling i am going to be let down. Perfectly good movie and they have to remake it to bring it to a "broader audience."

    Translation: Movie goers in North America hate to read ( hence they have to drop 2 two words from the original title because that was 2 too many! just keeping it real, real dumb :rolleyes: ) so were going to change the movie to have a more north american feel. Oh and were going to use lots of CGI because people want to see stuff go BOOM! and Bam and Mwarara!!!!

    I saw Let the Right One In on dvd, and then I saw Let Me In at it's world premiere at TIFF. The director (Matt Reeds) and the boy actor (who was really good), Kody Smit-McPhee, were both there and talked about the film. I was impressed. It was really well done as an English-in-America re-cast and re-shoot (that's what they were aiming for). The CGI is fairly limited and in fact was not all that well done. As we know that wouldn't be key anyways. I'd say the original is better mostly because it came out first, and hits the themes a bit better. The book is better than the original movie too, for the same reasons.

    I agree English-in-America remakes are 'lamentable', but if they are going to do them, at least do them this well, and I can take it. I'll end up owning both movies. They are both that good.

    I heard they are doing similar with The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo (Swedish to English).

    Pan's Labyrinth remains one of my very favourite movies of all time. Utterly brilliant in every way. I know del Toro has had to step away from The Hobbit because it was taking too long, but I expect he'll still have left his mark on the double movie.

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