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  1. Habs Defeat NYI in OT -- Metropolit contributes (again) including: "Metropolit also picked up an assist on the second goal and it should be noted the Canadiens are 5-0 when he's in the lineup." (I'll take a bunch of smurfs over BGL any day.)
  2. Amen. Now, if some posters had BG offer them $750K, the tune would change some. Habs are down two starting D. Something had to be done. Pronger for $750K wasn't in the cards.
  3. I watch sports (like most all of us here); 'cept baseball which is my insomnia treatment, when needed. (always kills me when the batter goes over to the Gatorade dispenser and fills his cup following a home run hit (he jogged the bases). Other than sports I am very selective: Comedy Two and a Half men (though not nearly as good as the early seasons) The Big Bang Theory Gary Unmarried Drama:NCIS (love this show, mostly for the characters and their banter; episodes can really range though, from the 'OK' to the 'classic') Smallville (again, like Two Men, better in its early seasons) __________________ I agree on the recording bit. But I do really like it in the end: End of watching 18 minutes of commercials every hour -- this is the "heaven part" Save up and watch a few episodes of the same show together on a lazy weekend afternoon I record Canadiens Express on RDS, and can watch a whole Hab game in less than an hour -- very useful when I am busy; haven't time to watch all 82 games at 3 hours each -- I just have to make sure I don't hear the score on the radio before sitting down to watch the game. Nothing worse than watching a sports event when you know the outcome already. I think one has to just pick a few select shows you really like, and only record them. Same for movies. Then you can organize your TV watching around the rest of your life, instead of the other way around.
  4. SK74 will hopefully be back. He's got what it takes; just needs to channel it, and do so consistently. I have to say I like Coach Martin's no-nonsense approach ... about time, IMHO. One tactic in these attitude/work ethic turnarounds is to make an example of someone, to send a 'clear message'. I would have thought BG's clean house would have sufficed ... this may just be "next stage", and also "coach's confirmation". For SK's perspective, ideally he would have known to be on the lookout for this. E.g., you don't want to be last one on the bus, never mind miss the bus altogether. Finally, if the lineup had to pare a smallish forward, because the team is viewed as having a lot of then, well, then SK was ripe for the picking. As I said, I hope to see him back. Its up to SK, more than anything. He is certainly young enough. Is he patient enough, and will he mature through this? Those are the questions.
  5. Well, if you get another U2 DVD, I would recommend it be "U2 Go Home - Lie From Slane Castle, Ireland." It's kinda like when the Habs are at home for play-offs (there's a link-in , given the U2 / Where the Streets Have No Name pre-game intro.) Spectacular concert venue outside the castle, and the "home fans" there.
  6. Listening / Watching: U2 Vertigo 2005 Live from Chicago. U2's DVD's are very good, Rattle and Hum being the best of them, followed by Live at Slane Castle, Ireland 2001.
  7. I was thinking the same thing last night, Cap. I felt that Carbo was trying to match Lang to Spezza, and I thought it worked decent. Certainly, Lang and SK74 are very responsible defensively, and Lats has improved tremendously that way. The line provided some size to go up against the Spezza line too, as you say. I really didn't have a problem myself with Carbo's apparent match-up. Also, we will all recall the Alfie/Spezza/Heatley line burned the AK27/Pleks/AK46 line good a couple of times last year (for entire games). And Saturday not being too long ago, I am still having nightmares about Andropov's goal for T.O. against the Habs, where he stood in the crease whacking away at the puck while the entire Koivu line huddled about him and "cast spells upon him" (or something, because they certainly didn't look like they about to try and knock him over ) . Sometimes McGuire talks without thinking things through too much; a necessary habit of live coverage, and having to stay "on" for 30 different NHL teams, so I am not really faulting him -- he certainly does a whole lot better than I'd ever do.
  8. last.fm via fire.fm, a Mozilla add-on. -currently playing Psychedelic Furs for me. If you haven't scoped out last.fm, here are the links: http://www.last.fm/home https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/7684 I'll usually have it on in the background, while on the computer, browsing or otherwise.
  9. With credit to the Toronto Star, 'playmaker' Tanguay separates Leaf Coliachivo from the puck, his feet from the ice, and his lid from his head. Word is, Hab Laraque is jealous as all heck, and wants to get into a game.
  10. Welcome, SD. Go Man U.!! Yeah!! (Sens ..... not so much. )
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