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  1. There is no twss that can describe how bad this season is going to be

  2. There is no twss that can describe how bad this season is going to be

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      LOL. But also :(

  3. *dead* You use the pen to rewind the tape!
  4. NBA

    I hope the NHL capitalizes on this and they NHLPA doesn't act stupid in the offseason and end up getting locked out again...
  5. I haven't heard about the fund, but I do recall hearing about how the players in the OHL do have to go to school etc. The thing with that is it's basically high school, nothing beyond that. The AHL is good in the sense that some of these guys can make upward of 80 thousand a year. How long is an AHL career though, especially with the way the talent level keeps developing. It isn't the greatest place for a 30 odd year old with a family. I agree with you wholeheartedly that it isn't only the fighters who turn to drugs. In fact, I'm in line to believe that someone who was a star in junior and can't quite make the jump to the NHL for whatever reason would turn to alcohol/drug abuse first. Hockey Canada is years behind the States and that's a problem, considering we claim to be the most knowledgeable about hockey etc. One would have hoped that they would have developed a proper system by 2011.
  6. They want to work for a scholarship to a US college, all the power to them. They should stick around the 4 years if they get it and get that education. It's the other ones, that you mention, that make no sense to me. Their parents hold some accountability for sure too. You got to explain to your kids that sports isn't the be all and end all of life. Or, maybe that's just the educator in me and all anyone really needs is sports.
  7. This is what I've been saying too. We have all these kids coming into the NHL with little to no education. How much school did Crosby have? Hall, Eberle, Price, Subban etc.? Now think about the guys who are mediocre went the major junior route then through the AHL from 19 on. In Ontario you're about 17-18 when you start your first year of University. By 22 you're looking at graduating if you're lucky. At 22, most of these guys are looking to break into the NHL. They play for what? 5 odd years if they're lucky? Then what? No education and nothing to fall back on. This is something that goes beyond hockey. I work at a tutoring agency right now part time, you wouldn't believe how many kids who need the help don't get end up getting it because their parents think they're going to be the next hockey star or baseball/football/soccer star. These are kids anywhere from grade 6 and up. Their parents put more emphasis on sports than school. Even if they make it to the AHL, the 1 percent that do, and then get a taste of the NHL, they have nothing to fall back on. Maybe Canada needs to take a look at how it's hockey program works. As fans, we want to see these kids fast tracked to the league. The reality is, they should be made to get a full education before they make that jump. High school isn't going to get you anywhere these days, hell a B.A. isn't going to get you anywhere either. You need to further yourself now before you can make a career. These players, they all have one goal and no back up. Of course they're going to turn to drugs and alcohol when it comes crashing down.
  8. He got his skate caught in the ice at the ACC. What kind of rag-tag two bit arena is that.
  9. So does this get moved to the ex-habs section?? Lol
  10. I just posted this in the state of the habs thread in response to bean... I definitely think he chickened out. He knew he'd been coming under scrutiny more and more as the suspensions came. The McArthur suspension tipped the scale and people all around hockey started questioning all the suspensions. If this was game 2 of the pre-season you would have seen Malone suspended for a few games. Campoli may have moved his head but he was playing the puck, he wasn't away from the puck and ducking into Malone's shoulder, he was leaning to play the puck. He had a Lightning player on him and he was doing his job as a defense man in attempting to get the puck and clear it. Malone comes, takes his head and all we're hearing is how Campoli moved his head. So, instead of the hitter being held accountable, now defense men have to not focus on the puck and instead worry about Malone coming for their heads when they chase the puck. Where does it start and where does it end? On one end he's holding the hitter fully accountable no matter what. He says that hits to the head are hits to the head. That any hit to the head should be the result of a hit through the body first. Whether this would have been a hit to the head had Campoli not moved his head shouldn't be a debate. The fact is, it was a hit to the head. All I know is that guys playing the game, on and off the Habs, watching that explanation must be thinking that it's probably better to let the puck go in that situation and lose the battle instead of losing your head and impacting your life. It ties directly into our club because the next time Campoli goes to play the puck like that he might let the puck go instead of playing it. If he does that and the puck ends up in the back of our net, in the regular season, everyone will be jumping down his throat. The truth is, the decision made today will probably have some impact into his decisions going forward. Not everyone is Pacioretty, not everyone will continue to drive the net and play the puck the same way.
  11. So it's Campoli's fault for playing the puck? That's what the ruling is essentially saying. Campoli played the puck and got hit in the head, the check itself was not legal. They state it right in their explanation that the principle point of contact was the head and that the hit didn't go through the body. Those are the same two reasons why McArthur was suspended. All this said was that if you play the puck, or do your job, and get hit in the head that's your problem. All this garbage about the onus being on the player throwing the hit just flew out the window. I think it's because people, mainly Toronto, started to make a bigger deal about all the suspensions.
  12. Yeah I don't get it. It's not like Campoli went low right as Malone was hitting him in an attempt to draw a penalty. He was playing the puck, Malone took advantage and went after his head. He didn't go through the body, like Shanahan has been advocating. I'm curious about the reasoning behind not suspending him. We've seen border line hits to the head receive suspensions already. What's the difference here? Abdelkader lowered his head right as McArthur hit him and McArthur got two games.
  13. He's practicing with the team today. There are also reports that there will be no suspension to Malone.
  14. This was the funniest thing I've seen in a while
  15. MLB

    I cannot believe the ending to the season! Boston needs a win and Tampa loss to make the playoffs or a loss and Tampa Loss to force a Wild Card playoff. Boston Vs. Baltimore ... Sox up 3-2...Bottom of the 9th...Boston blows it and lose 4-3 Tampa needs a win and a Boston loss to make the playoffs... Tampa is playing the Yankees...Tampa is down 7-0...Tampa ties it in the bottom of the 9th 7-7...12th inning, Rays at bat Longoria hits a walk off homer to clinch that wild card...Epic Epic night in baseball...Wow