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  1. Everyone is calling this his second concussion. The fact is, he got one at the Winter Classic. He got another one 7 days later, while still suffering from the first one, in Tampa. Now this one, that he is suffering from, would be his third. In less than one year this guy has had three concussions, end of career starts to look more and more plausible as this goes on.
  2. Still having concussion symptoms. This isn't going to go away any time soon for this kid. When they held that press conference with the doctors, they said that when he came back he would not have any secondary concussions etc. from hits. This doesn't bode well for Crosby at all.
  3. I did nothinggg today...My sister in law has been cooking since 11 loll...I'm so ready to eat!
  4. Hahaha...I can imagine his reaction, it's going to be amazing! Our tree has so many gifts around and under it. I have family coming over in a bit for dinner and what not. The wine bottles have been uncorked...
  5. There's a twss in there Yeahhh loll, he's going to be pumped!!!
  6. LMAO :lol: It tried, with all its might, to jump across to the other balcony. It STRETCHED ...It dropped like a sack of bricks :lol: I'm dying!! It's like looney toons
  7. I hate that. People are idiots, they'll walk through with their whole group instead of taking over for you and letting you catch up with yours. I understand if it's one or two people, I hate when it's four different groups and not one has the common sense to let you go through.
  8. The Pens screwed this one up so hard. This all goes back to allowing him to play after the first hit in last years Winter Classic. His career is going to be forever riddled with concussions, until he's forced into retirement a la Lindros.
  9. At least one of the teams I cheer for knows how to win eh...
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