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  1. Everyone is calling this his second concussion. The fact is, he got one at the Winter Classic. He got another one 7 days later, while still suffering from the first one, in Tampa. Now this one, that he is suffering from, would be his third. In less than one year this guy has had three concussions, end of career starts to look more and more plausible as this goes on.
  2. Still having concussion symptoms. This isn't going to go away any time soon for this kid. When they held that press conference with the doctors, they said that when he came back he would not have any secondary concussions etc. from hits. This doesn't bode well for Crosby at all.
  3. I did nothinggg today...My sister in law has been cooking since 11 loll...I'm so ready to eat!
  4. Hahaha...I can imagine his reaction, it's going to be amazing! Our tree has so many gifts around and under it. I have family coming over in a bit for dinner and what not. The wine bottles have been uncorked...
  5. There's a twss in there Yeahhh loll, he's going to be pumped!!!
  6. LMAO :lol: It tried, with all its might, to jump across to the other balcony. It STRETCHED ...It dropped like a sack of bricks :lol: I'm dying!! It's like looney toons
  7. I hate that. People are idiots, they'll walk through with their whole group instead of taking over for you and letting you catch up with yours. I understand if it's one or two people, I hate when it's four different groups and not one has the common sense to let you go through.
  8. The Pens screwed this one up so hard. This all goes back to allowing him to play after the first hit in last years Winter Classic. His career is going to be forever riddled with concussions, until he's forced into retirement a la Lindros.
  9. At least one of the teams I cheer for knows how to win eh...
  10. Absolute blow out so far...2 odd mins left in the game 45-7 GB
  11. Even if BGL had fought Lucic, nothing would have changed. This isn't the NHL of old and people need to understand that. The NHL has made sure that guys like Lucic will be allowed to exist. If BGL had ever fought Lucic, it would have been BGL's head. Look at what the referees did to Nokelainen when they played the Rangers. The next time Buffalo and Boston play, Kaleta will go after Lucic and you can count on it. Whatever the outcome, it won't change Lucic's game. Chara almost killed someone last year and that didn't change his game. These guys have no care, they know they're protected by today's NHL.
  12. Ohhhh Damnnnnn!! Better watch out for her...She's the type who will take him for his tricycle and G.I. Joe!
  13. There is no twss that can describe how bad this season is going to be

  14. There is no twss that can describe how bad this season is going to be

  15. RSD


    I hope the NHL capitalizes on this and they NHLPA doesn't act stupid in the offseason and end up getting locked out again...
  16. I haven't heard about the fund, but I do recall hearing about how the players in the OHL do have to go to school etc. The thing with that is it's basically high school, nothing beyond that. The AHL is good in the sense that some of these guys can make upward of 80 thousand a year. How long is an AHL career though, especially with the way the talent level keeps developing. It isn't the greatest place for a 30 odd year old with a family. I agree with you wholeheartedly that it isn't only the fighters who turn to drugs. In fact, I'm in line to believe that someone who was a star in junior and can't quite make the jump to the NHL for whatever reason would turn to alcohol/drug abuse first. Hockey Canada is years behind the States and that's a problem, considering we claim to be the most knowledgeable about hockey etc. One would have hoped that they would have developed a proper system by 2011.
  17. They want to work for a scholarship to a US college, all the power to them. They should stick around the 4 years if they get it and get that education. It's the other ones, that you mention, that make no sense to me. Their parents hold some accountability for sure too. You got to explain to your kids that sports isn't the be all and end all of life. Or, maybe that's just the educator in me and all anyone really needs is sports.
  18. This is what I've been saying too. We have all these kids coming into the NHL with little to no education. How much school did Crosby have? Hall, Eberle, Price, Subban etc.? Now think about the guys who are mediocre went the major junior route then through the AHL from 19 on. In Ontario you're about 17-18 when you start your first year of University. By 22 you're looking at graduating if you're lucky. At 22, most of these guys are looking to break into the NHL. They play for what? 5 odd years if they're lucky? Then what? No education and nothing to fall back on. This is something that goes beyond hockey. I work at a tutoring agency right now part time, you wouldn't believe how many kids who need the help don't get end up getting it because their parents think they're going to be the next hockey star or baseball/football/soccer star. These are kids anywhere from grade 6 and up. Their parents put more emphasis on sports than school. Even if they make it to the AHL, the 1 percent that do, and then get a taste of the NHL, they have nothing to fall back on. Maybe Canada needs to take a look at how it's hockey program works. As fans, we want to see these kids fast tracked to the league. The reality is, they should be made to get a full education before they make that jump. High school isn't going to get you anywhere these days, hell a B.A. isn't going to get you anywhere either. You need to further yourself now before you can make a career. These players, they all have one goal and no back up. Of course they're going to turn to drugs and alcohol when it comes crashing down.
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