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  1. There's one major difference between Darche and Avtsin however...Avtsin is blessed with natural athletic skill sets and prowess that Habs brass is hoping translate over into a solid NHL career...Darche, however, is more of a work horse and has had to grind for almost a decade in the minors (on and off) to get to this point...
  2. M-A at 750-k is a smart pick-up. It's good insurance.
  3. I agree completely Weep. This could be as simple as fine tuning mechanics of Sergei's game. People who are quick to blame his attitude, need to pay less attention to the overpriced, outdated, ramblings of Don Cherry and try forming their own hockey based opinion. Talent evaluation should be based on skill, not geography.
  4. That might not be a bad thing to get a look at in the pre-season...If lats can be that; in the corners digging for the puck and throw his weight around type player on that line, then he could potentially be utilized on a scoring line in the regular season...
  5. Welcome to another season of: As the world turns around Guilliaume Latendresse...His pundits will tell you that the only reason he has a roster spot in the first place is because he's French...And the reason he was only signed to a 1-year deal is because he's most likely gone at the end of this year. If this is the case, BG did a poor job of setting up to trade Lats...He made the team smaller thus putting more of a sense of urgency to have bigger bodies like Lats in the line up...And if being french is the only reason to give him a spot in the line up; Then why did we bother signing Gionta, Camelleri, Gomez and Spacek; When we could have simply brought in Leblanc, Desharnais, Masse and Carle? The reason why Lats has a place in the line up isn't bacause he fills a cultural void, but because he fill a physical void...This team likes size and hitting and Gui does both very well...And who knows, maybe with the new WINNING culture in the locker room, he'll finally have that break out season his pundits claim he's incapable of. Either way, I will wait until the puck drops for real for any deeper analysis or criticism.
  6. I'm sure the ladies love it All joking aside, I hope at least one of these USHL/Collegiate dark horses finally pays off and develops into the scoring centre this team so desperately needs...Saku isn't getting any younger and as we've seen in more recent times, this team needs help and lots of it.
  7. Is there anyone here who can hook me up with a Mathieu Schneider sig?
  8. http://hockeydb.com/ihdb/stats/pdisplay.php3?pid%5B%5D=26579 According to this Badger Bob was coaching U-of Wisconsin in 79-80; the year of Miracle.
  9. I think this kid could have as high as 60 point potential...Anything beyond that I'd consider a bonus. I don't mean that as an insult either.
  10. NAME: Craig AGE: 32 Hometown: Saint John, New Brunswick Favorite All Time Hab: There's only 1 true rocket...MAURICE! MAURICE! MAURICE! Favorite Current Hab: That's a toughie...I'll give you my top 5: 1. Mike Komisarek-D-Phaneuf be damned give me Komi! 2. Saku Koivu-C-HEART AND SOUL OF THIS TEAM. 3. Steve Begin-F-This guy has been unfairly crucified on this forum, however if we raise the cup in the near future, It's because of this guy. 4. Mike Ryder-RW-Another guy unfairly crucified for inconsitency and 1 demensional play, eventhough he's been our leading goal scorer the past 2 seasons. 5. Tomas Plekanec-C-This guy will have 65-70 points next season...easy. These are in no particular order...enjoy!
  11. Forget Patrick Roy, here's the real question: When are they going to retire #6 in honor of Toe Blake? If anyone deserves to have his number up in the rafters, it's him.
  12. http://www2.sportsnet.ca/video/videoPlayer...EY_06_09_20.flv Enjoy
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