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  1. Someone needs to work with him so that the only times his mind wanders is AFTER the game. I'm sure it's fixable.
  2. Carbo still has a lot to prove to me, and his robotic rolling of the lines, as weep put it, is certainly worth a look. However, I am much more concerned with our pattern of inconsistency, which is not any better yet this year than previous years. In fact, it's worse this season, but since the season is still young, I'll give him some slack. You know the kind of inconsistency I'm talking about.....20 minutes of inspired hockey, followed by 40 minutes of what could only be called a complete reversal and departure from what got us a good lead. Then it's one good game followed by two lackluster games, playing poorly to weaker teams, playing worse with rest than a team with no rest, etc. etc. I know we're 5-0-1 at the moment, but last year we were the conference champs and what did that get us in the playoffs? Our last game against the Panthers was, in my opinion, the worst effort I have seen in years.....many years. I honestly cannot remember a game where we gave away the puck so often, were so soft in our own zone, and passed to nowhere or right to the opposition so much. There's no question Carbo sees this. The problem is, he has seen it for two full seasons and into his third, and I see no solution coming from him. Who knows...it might even be part of his strategy. There's lots of Carbo supporters here who unrealistically expect him to get all the credit if we win, but take no responsibility if we lose. Sorry, you can't have it both ways. Either the players win or lose based on their effort, or the coach is responsible. My belief, based on the incredible achievements of so many great coaches, is that it is almost 100% the coach's doing. Just look at Herb Brooks or Scotty Bowman for two good examples. If Brooks could take a bunch of college kids and beat a team that no professional NHL or other National team beat in nearly 20 years, and if Bowman can turn any franchise into a Cup contender, then Carbo should be able to do it, too. We certainly have had the talent. I watched Bowman coaching the Red Wings for all those dynasty years, and when they did lose, they never looked as embarassing as we have for so many years. They skated well and went down like fighters....not melting down like we regularly do. I have not been satisfied with our effort in any postseason since our last Cup run, and for me, last season was the worst. I expected a lot more from a conference champion....I don't care what the so-called "experts" predicted. They were wrong, anyway, about our regular season, so why should we listen to them? I sure hope Carbo has it on his list to try new things to get the boys to skate like professionals for 60 minutes a game, EVERY GAME. Anything less is a recipe for a repeat performance of disappointment and frustrtation. And this franchise, quite frankly, does not deserve any more of that.
  3. Turkey?!?! How in the world did you become a hockey fan there? Do they even have electricity in Turkey? ---Just kidding. It never stops amazing me how far across the globe Habs fans keep popping up. Welcome to the forum! p.s. Do they have bananas in Turkey?
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