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  1. This is a good team, and from what I saw last season, they have the character to turn it around.
  2. Ya, just like last year, and the year before.........guess what, he is still here.
  3. I don't think Guy, or Bob, need to do anything drastic at all. I think the players are the ones who have some drastic changes to make. They are well aware of what they have to do to win, and that they will win if they do it. No matter which way you slice it, you just can't force someone to do something they don't want to do. They will come around.
  4. All nonsense as far as I am concerned. Not that you don't have a right to have an opinion, I am not criticizing you in the least. We have won our games so far this season on shear talent alone. Ottawa was beaten because the guys actually played well. Those inept third and fourth liners and low tier dmen shut down one of the most explosive lines in the game. They have struggled this year but were 4-1 in the five games before they ran into us !!! What is there to criticize ? We are not giving the opponant an advantage by roling our lines or using the third line against their best. We are forcing our game upon them !!! And when we play our game, not many can compete. As for the playoffs, that is another story. We will have situations where our top lines will play more, we will have two centers on the faceoff, top dmen are double shifted..etc. etc. The good thing is they will all be rested due to our line rolling, and in those times in the playoffs when lineups cannot be made to our favour, our third and fourth lines will have the experience to handle the job. In fact this will prove very important in the playoffs, because it is usually the team that has their role players come up big on a regular basis that wins the cup. As I said before, you can disagree, you have that right, but that does not mean it is a mistake or bad coaching. It is an older style of coaching, and has been very effective for many teams.
  5. Honestly Weep, we have a pretty darn good record, and the team has not even played to it's capabilities yet.....how much of a mistake can he be making ? There are times I disagree with the choices and decisions he makes, my problem is looking for things to complain about. For a team at this stage in the process , yes they are still learning how to be winners at this stage, they are doing just fine imho, not to much need for Carbo to change much.
  6. Not matching lines has did a pretty good job of getting the points so far Weep. Even with the other coach getting his favourable matches we have a 9-2-2 record. If the players played the earlier games like they did last night, our record would be much better, maybe even perfect. I would say our depth has done a fine job showing through. I still say it is you who may not fully understand, and that Carbo does.
  7. It is basic coaching ? You could very well say the opposite is true. From the time I started watching hockey till the Oilers dynasty (if you can call them that) it was actually quite common to have your third and fourth lines go up against the other teams top two lines. Power vrs power was the exception, not the rule. Carbo knows this well, he was one of those third/fourth line guys. Playing power vrs power when you have small centers is difficult. Taking beatings from big Dmen in the offensive zone, and beatings from big forwards in the defensive zone wears on them. Saku has done well in the past but it has had it's effect on him. Why do you think he has disappeared from the stats list every Jan thru March the last few years ? Maybe this season will be different. I would suggest you are not watching poor coaching as opposed to a type of coaching you are not accustomed to.
  8. Our top two centers are small and have a hard time with the coverage of other top lines. And it really comes to haunt us later in the season when our guys get worn down.
  9. When the players themselves admit they are playing like dogs you bet your sweet but they will get the brunt of the blame !!!
  10. Never will I run....I must stay and champion the cause !!!!
  11. This is what I am saying, Carbo goes on about the same things. You yourself had a big chuckle when Carbo wrote work hard, then work harder on the white board in the dressing room. It has been his constant battle to get the team to remember they won't win on their talent alone. He was able to get an overall better effort in those regards last season and the proof was in the standings for everyone to see. This year there are bigger challenges coming their way. This team is good enough, and the coaching is good enough, we shall overcome. Again I protest, we have a good team, and good coaching. We will make the required adjustments and be fine. I wish some would wake up to those facts.
  12. I really question where you get any of this from. Carbo's main sticking point with this team from the time he came was their work ethic. Last season's regular season success was a direct result of the work ethic Carbo required from his players. Last season in the playoffs was not a result of poor work ethic. Inexperience, fear, and a lot of bad luck.......but not a lack of work ethic.......you will see the difference this playoffs.
  13. The defense in and of itself is not the biggest issue, as a group they are not great, but are serviceable. It is the "team" defensive play that lacks. It is something that Carbo has been working on and something Koivu has said they have to get back too in interviews. That being said, snapping their fingers will not fix it, it will take a few games of really hard work.
  14. JL and Weep, you are both late to the party .........I wanted Larry first as the head coach before they hired Guy and then later as an assistant when they went and picked up Muller.
  15. I`m guessing he told them to work hard, then work harder......with a few colourful expletives thrown in !!!! LOL
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