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  1. Very nice work as usual EckCH, I really gotta sit down one of these days and figure out how you do it Your style is very pleasing. And I'll keep that in mind Habsgirl
  2. More with the cool shapes or more with the pink XD? Or both? hahaha XD I can make them if somebody has a request
  3. Ohhh, nice Price sig there Youppi Anyway, now for what I came here to post Retro! ... well, I'm using it now, but, what do you think?
  4. Yay! new sig for myself... and a little something to honor our 100th season! Hope you guys like em
  5. Okay Mike, this is what I came up with for yours, hope you like it, it was fun to work on XD
  6. You're not welcome here!... okay enough, that joke is getting old ;P Could be worse, you could be a leafs fan XD welcome! I hope you enjoy yourself here, I know I do, especially during the season.
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