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  1. Last film i saw was alice. Personally i liked it but i have a friend who was rather dissapointed. I'ld give it a 6.5/10. It is a tim burton film but at the same time a disney/family film so it is rather "Cute" (yet slightly twisted at the same time it being burton). i kinda liked the fact that he made it into a sort of "return to wonderland" rather than an exact replica. and of course awesome decor, i have to say i was upset that the caterpillar didn't have the shaped pipe smoke.

    and other than that i haven't really gone to see anything else lately, other than angel and demons on TMN. Not bad but the book is better as it is more detailed and the film pretty much condenses the first few chapters so 1) it won't be a 6 hour film and 2) it can get right to the action. i'ld give it a 4 or 5/10.

  2. i'm with jagh. my alltime fave song i think is "iris" but i think its cause the song itself conveys the emotion of the lyrics

    also like the lines

    "some dance to remember some dance to forget" in hotel california

    "Mistakes don't mean a thing

    If you don't regret them"greatest view from silverchair


    "Half full glasses

    Lost in empty houses " world upon your shoulders also silverchair (though i don't really like the song itself)

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