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  1. I'm Andy from Minnesota. I've lived in hockey purgatory most of my life; I'm too young to remember the North Stars, and not the biggest fan of how the Wild run things (cough, handing the keys to an oft-injured Martin Havlat). My path to a Hab fan was a long one too. I wore #11 as a hockey player for two reasons: One was because I was so moved by Saku's courage during his cancer battle and because I realized all these good hockey players had palindromes for their numbers (Saku and Messier wore #11, Super Mario wore #66, Bourque #77, Lindros #88, and of course Gretzky #99). My fate was finally sealed when I was at the Canada pavilion at Epcot over Christmas vacation. They had the hats of all the Canadian NHL teams except Edmonton and Ottawa. I tried all of them on, and something just felt right with the Habs hat on, almost like I was drafted. Since then, I've been following the Habs and are amped up for the series with Boston (If anyone can please provide an English non-NESN feed I will be eternally grateful. As much as I want to learn French for hockey purposes, I doubt my lessons will be done in time for the playoffs).

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