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  1. Andreas Engqvist Djurgården GP 35, G 8, A 7, Pt 15, PPG 4, PIM 22, +/- +5, TOI 16:37, Shots 48 tables don't line-up on this board, but here's how he looks compared to the rest of the team... Twilightzone would probably know how he's actually playing... Player Team POS GP G A PIM +/- TOI/GP TP 1 Marcus Krüger DIF LW 30 9 18 10 13 17:07 27 2 Marcus Nilson DIF RW 33 12 11 24 1 18:25 23 3 Kyle Klubertanz DIF LD 35 7 11 20 2 21:48 18 4 Andreas Holmqvist DIF RD 34 2 15 30 11 22:20 17 5 Jimmie Ölvestad DIF RW 31 9 7 18 8 16:55 16 6 Timmy Pettersson DIF LD 35 2 14 32 -2 17:42 16 7 Andreas Engqvist DIF CE 35 8 7 22 5 16:37 15 8 Nicklas Danielsson DIF LW 35 8 5 16 4 13:17 13 9 Marcus Ragnarsson DIF RD 30 3 10 40 7 23:59 13 10 Nichlas Falk DIF RD 35 1 12 18 2 16:42 13 11 Jacob Josefson DIF RW 25 4 7 14 7 15:25 11 12 Michael Holmqvist DIF CE 34 6 4 14 -7 9:38 10 13 Christian Eklund DIF LW 34 4 6 28 4 13:26 10 14 Tim Eriksson DIF LW 35 3 7 18 -1 12:30 10 15 Patrick Cehlin DIF RW 34 4 4 8 -2 9:12 8 16 Kristofer Ottosson DIF CE 21 5 2 14 -1 19:36 7 17 Mike Zigomanis DIF RW 14 1 5 4 0 16:06 6 18 David Printz DIF LD 35 2 3 49 1 18:25 5 19 Henrik Eriksson DIF RW 28 0 4 6 2 6:24 4 20 Mika Hannula DIF RW 4 2 1 0 1 12:25 3 21 Daniel Brodin DIF RW 14 2 1 8 -3 8:22 3 22 Mathias Tjärnqvist DIF RW 11 1 1 2 1 15:25 2 23 Alexander Deilert DIF RD 12 0 1 0 -4 10:37 1 24 Oscar Eklund DIF RD 33 0 1 18 3 8:59 1 25 Arvid Strömberg DIF LD 1 0 0 0 0 3:31 0 26 John Norman DIF LW 2 0 0 0 -2 2:34 0 27 Niklas Andersson DIF LD 7 0 0 0 0 0:09 0 28 Carl Gustafsson DIF LW 12 0 0 0 -1 2:33 0
  2. while I think you'd be hard pressed to make the case that drafting him in the first round was NOT a mistake, it's time to make lemonade, or "Just because something doesn’t do what you planned it to do doesn’t mean it’s useless." - Thomas Edison
  3. why don't we ask the people who called/referred to him as 'garbage', 'mediocre', 'mediocre crap', 'useless' -- and this doesn't include any of the stuff JR or Canadian Mike called him -- and many other uncomplimentary things since he was acquired... there's (at least) one other poster who has constantly bad-mouthed Metropolit and has refused to admit he was wrong -- I didn't think too much of his posting to begin with -- and I don't mean Weep, who despite claiming he didn't hate the acquisition, continued to knock Metropolit... it's pretty obvious if you read the Archives, which are good for a laugh: Habs Pick Metropolit Off Waivers, Eklund E5, plus NHL.com shows him as a Hab Glen Metropolit and of course, Metropolit is abused in this thread too: Kyle Chipchura to all those who insisted before the season started that Chipchura was already better than Metropolit at EVERYTHING, where's the video of him shooting the lights out?
  4. I believe he is a PPG player so far this season, but never have I said he would come even close to that for a season... I do believe he can be more offensively successful than most people give him credit for... for this team, 40 points would be amazing, high 20s to 30 more likely...
  5. points aren't awarded on a curve, he hasn't scored 8 points in 8 games because he's been relatively better than the other players... you're saying his success is indicative of how bad the team is playing, it's NOT... it's being given the opportunity to play an offensive role that is indicative of how bad the team is playing... but making the most of the opportunity is all down to the player... other players have had the same opportunity and they haven't been successful, so don't diminish Metropolit's success by putting it down to circumstances...
  6. I'm sure his scoring will slow to a crawl eventually, but I'm not a supporter of Metropolit just because of his admittedly surprising point-scoring touch this season... I like his overall game, the points are a bonus... my point is Metropolit has shown he does have decent hands... I know just about everyone says Toskala let in a bad goal that game, but I want to point out it was also an excellent shot by Metropolit -- he could have hit the side of the net, shot it across the crease in front of Toskala, or fired it too low and hit Toskala where he was against the post, but he didn't, he hit the top corner where it stood a chance of going in... the reason he's never been a big point producer in the NHL is he's considered too small AND he's such a good defensive player that he spends a lot of his ice-time on the PK or against the other team's top lines so he hasn't been given as much offensive responsibility as he might get with JM... so putting him on the PP isn't the same as taking any other 3rd or 4th liner and plopping him on the PP...
  7. right, how soon I forgot I'm surprised he didn't make a grab for it during the off-season... though I can't recall if Tanguay not returning was a sure thing before Cammalleri was signed... maybe he did and Cammalleri had to make a deal to get it from him
  8. "Metropolit is a waste of 1 million bucks and just filler... has to be better out there somewhere." -- unnamed member of this board... (JR, you said some very uncomplimentary things, but you get a pass because you've admitted your error ) "In 2003 Metropolit crossed the Atlantic to play in Helsinki with Jokerit for the 2003–04 season. In a brilliant first season, he scored the most points on the team, 50, with 15 goals and 35 assists, the fifth-highest total during the regular season. He scored six goals during seven playoff games that year, but Jokerit were eliminated in the quarterfinals. In the 2004–05 season Metropolit and Marko Jantunen were the team's best goal scorers during the regular season, both scoring 16 goals, and Metropolit scored the most points on the team with 31 assists, totalling 47 points; the eighth-highest total in the league. In the playoffs he scored five goals and six assists, including a 3-on-5 shorthanded goal against Ilves's Vesa Toskala in the quarterfinals. The team went on to win the silver medal. Metropolit became a very popular player with the Jokerit fans, who had a number of chants dedicated to him. He is remembered as a gifted playmaker, with one of his favorite spots, on the outside of the left faceoff circle in the offensive zone, being called "Metro's office" by TV commentators and fans, in honor of Wayne Gretzky's "office" behind the goal. He and Marko Jantunen formed a memorable duo on the penalty kill, scoring several short-handed goals. His player number in Jokerit was #50. After two years with Jokerit, Metropolit moved to Switzerland where he won the Nationalliga A championship with HC Lugano. He also led the league in scoring during the regular season." -- http://www.absoluteastronomy.com/topics/Gl...it#encyclopedia I wonder if Metropolit would have been given a shootout chance tonight... he's 0 for 2 lifetime... and why number 15 with the Habs? he wore 13 with Philadelphia and Boston... #15 has had a bad association for me because it was Rejean Houle's number and all I can think of when I think of him is missing wide open nets and his tenure as GM even Bobby Smith couldn't remove that stink...
  9. actually, only jr and CanadianMike have really done so -- so, yeah, props to them... others have admitted they weren't supportive of Metropolit but I don't recall them saying so, or so often... not even close... search the archives for Metropolit's name and see how often he's among the first to be waived, bought out, traded -- which also has people asking why anyone would trade for him -- or replaced -- by Chipchura, who has improved but it's not even close... the number of people who said very negative things, repeatedly, about Metropolit far exceeds the number who have since admitted they were wrong in their assessment... besides which, some of us weren't wrong in the first place
  10. upon reflection, I agree that might be a bit high... 12-17 is more likely, especially if JM keeps giving him PP time... he got PP time in Atlanta since they didn't have much else going for them other than Hossa, Kovalchuk and Kozlov... ironically, being such a good defensive player hurts his numbers... if he's out there on every PK, that's going to cut into his even-strength and PP time... but that's his role at the NHL level... I was glad to have him back very early on tonight -- Mara went below the goalline to pressure the puck carrier and an Islander was left alone in front of Halak, Metropolit was the Hab who went to cover him, the other three were just watching Mara... without Metropolit, that's the type of play that usually ends up with the puck in the net and people blaming the goalie
  11. Glen has scored at every level, league and year (except for a couple of years) since he turned pro in '95... at the NHL level, given his usual role, 15-20 shouldn't be a stretch at all... he has the hands to be a scorer if necessary...
  12. a problem with having a TV tuner card on your computer is you end up recording a bunch of things you never have time to watch and just end up taking up HD space... I've got 4 external HDs full of stuff I'm not sure I should bother watching / will ever find the time to watch and would like to clear up space for the new season of things I might actually watch... so opinions on whether I should watch it or just delete it are welcome... to start with: the (strike-shortened) second and the third (last year's) seasons of "Heroes"... I enjoyed the first season but I've read the critical lambasting of the subsequent seasons so this is a possible/probable dump... the two seasons of "Life", the cancelled NBC cop show... I know very little about it but I recorded it anyway... I can usually give up on a show if it doesn't have a proper 'ending' because it gets cancelled, e.g. the new "Night Stalker", not great to begin with but ending it without any sort of resolution to the underlying plotlines of the series made it easy to dump several unwatched eps... the two seasons of "Pushing Daisies", the cancelled ABC show... I know very little about it but I recorded it anyway... the two seasons of "Chuck", the NBC show... I know only a little about it but I recorded it anyway... dumpable if only because I have to accept I'll never catch up so it's easier to sacrifice something I haven't watched yet...
  13. 2007-08 Ovechkin 65 G, 1 for 6 in SO Malkin 47 G, 0 for 5 in SO Heatley 41 G, 0 for 4 in SO Vanek 36 G, 1 for 6 in SO Plekanec 29 G, 0 for 4 in SO Dumont 29 G, 0 for 4 in SO 2006-07 Lecavalier 52 G, 3 for 12 in SO Heatley 50 G, 1 for 4 in SO Ovechkin 46 G, 2 for 12 in SO Vanek 43 G, 2 for 11 in SO Malkin 33 G, 3 for 12 in SO 2005-06 Heatley 50 G, 2 for 8 in SO Ovechkin 52 G, 6 for 13 in SO
  14. Kovalev in shootouts 2007-08 1 for 7 2006-07 4 for 9 2005-06 1 for 4 Career 6 for 20
  15. boy, am I glad I don't bet on sports anymore... first, Miami blows out the Patriots last weekend and now Oregon State beats USC...
  16. yes, but it looked like they were going to blow a 3-td lead for a while... they're still not a very good team, it's just that Michigan is just as bad now... the best thing about being a ND supporter is most of their games are on national TV so you can watch them most weeks... btw, why are the Badgers playing Cal Poly at the end of the season? aren't they concerned playing such a weak non-conference team at the end of year could hurt them in the polls? ohhh, UCLA really sucks, lose to ND at home for the Irish's first win last season and get totally humiliated today by BYU... the whole Pac-10, except for USC of course, kinda sucks right now... assuming USC is going to the BCS title game, it kinda takes the bloom off the Rose Bowl...
  17. I'm a Notre Dame supporter -- so of course, my college football season ends in November
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