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  1. I hope that's my sarcasm detector going off. Lol Omg, the shots were 53-14?! Bwahahaha! I gotta go read the Ducks' fans reaction to that game.
  2. Nothing like being dressed up like a Ken doll. Thanks for posting the game pics Col. They're awesome!
  3. That's exactly why they got him: because he wont challenge for the starting role.
  4. I'd just be happy to be in the NHL in general... okay maybe not Toronto.
  5. Good god, i know what you mean. I've been in painful hockey-withdrawals for the last month. I need my fix, dammit!
  6. Halak going all GQ on us. I hate to say it but I gotta disagree with RDS, he looks pretty good in the blue. Brings out the blue in his eyes? Haha, I'm a freak.
  7. Just goes to show how many people in Montreal will miss Halak. I read that they only expected around 500 people.
  8. Hey, I know what it's like, I'm not exactly a Khabibulin fan and I doubt his ability to play well but if he actually does play for the Oilers this season, I'm going to hope the guy plays well. I'm not saying anyone has to necessarily like the guy (though I do think it's unfair to put the blame on him for the Halak trade) and, really, it's not like it'll make a difference in the way he plays (as long as people aren't booing the crap out of him at games), but it's just about having class and overall being positive.
  9. On behalf of many Halak fans here, I can honestly say that even though we've criticized Price for his obvious short coming , that doesn't mean we hate him. I'm getting irritated with this attitude that, just because one likes Halak, they have to hate Price. No. We just don't look at Price throught rose-colored glasses like some (not all) do. As for the people whining about Price being the starter now: It's time to get over the trade, dudes. Halak is gone and in order for this team to get somewhere, Price will have to be good. It's one thing to be unsure of what he's going to be like and it's another to hope he fails. So friggin' cheer for him because he's a part of this team and if you're a Habs fan you cheer for the team.
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