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  1. it has to be marky. he is now the franchise player. well besides carey that is. it would be a great move he is our MVP and is cool as a cucumber. i don't think giving it to one of the new guys would be a good idea. i think that would be a slap in the face to markov.
  2. markov, because he leads by example on the ice example: joe sakic, a quiet guy who is still the leader of the team.
  3. A leader doesn't necessarily have to be loud and vocal. He just needs to lead by example on the ice. Markov definetley has the ability to do that. So my first choice is obviously Koivu, if not then Markov.
  4. I can't stand the Canucks. Their fans are worse than the leafs'.
  5. thank you! it looks great!much appreciated.
  6. All these sigs really impress me....right on. Someone whould make a cool Boullion one...that would be rad :wink:
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