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  1. False. The poster below me is hungry.
  2. The Expendables. 6/10. The action was great, but the dialogue was kind of eerie at times.
  3. Well, since the start of this month: Pirates of the Caribbean 2: 8/10 Pirates of the Caribbean 3: 8/10 Both movies are fantastic! Gotta love 'em. Date Movie: 4/10 It had its moments, but it was mostly crap. Brooklyn's Finest: 6/10 It was okay. I didn't really like it that much. Grown Ups: 7/10 Great movie. Gave me lots of laughs.
  4. Freddy vs. Jason. 8/10. Such a classic and great horror movie.
  5. Baby Mama. 4/10 I really didn't find this movie to be that funny.
  6. Bruno: 0/10 This movie was too homosexual for me. Yes Man: 7/10 It had its moments The Blind Side: 9/10 I found this movie to be amazing. Hitch: 8/10 Women tips = Good rating.
  7. Avatar. 9.5/10. Great movie! Must see! And don't bother to see it in 3-D, doesn't make a difference.
  8. Really? I heard that it was one of the best movies out there. It could surpass Titanic in the box office with more than 1.6 Billion so far. Some people say it's the best movie ever, and others (like you), who say it's terrible. I really want to watch this movie, but I don't want to waste my money on it if it as bad as you say.
  9. Yes, I agree. In some scenes you could really notice that his accent faded out and came back. But, to be honest, it didn't bother me at all. EDIT: Watched All About Steve the other day. It's an alright movie. 7/10. Has anybody seen The Blindside? I really want to go watch that. I just want to know if it is actually worth seeing.
  10. Really? I actually liked it. It sounded nice to me, I thought it fit the character.
  11. Sherlock Holmes. 9/10. Great movie! I recommend it!
  12. Thanks for the profile view. =)

  13. False. The poster below thinks Gomez will get Montreal's 20,000 goal today.
  14. False. I had one. The poster below me is happy that the Canucks won.
  15. Thanks for the profile view. =)

  16. Merci pour la vue de profil. =)

  17. Watched District 9 the other day, interesting to say in the least. 8.5/10.
  18. False. The poster below me has a crush on someone.
  19. It is pretty obvious to what you must do. If you don't understand, here you go: The 1st poster asks a question. (But it must be a True or False question!) The 2nd poster respons, either True or False. And then he/she asks a question. And so on... Here we go: The poster below me likes chocolate.
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