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  1. don't understand you could have asked us which ex Hab would be returning and he'd be (pretty much) LAST on every fans list!
  2. When a player is in a fight and a part of his equipment is preventing him from giving "clean" punches (no weapons) he should not throw any punches let alone repeated punches.
  3. Lost all respect for Campbell. Sad to see Pyatt bleeding (kind of goes with the season he is having).
  4. little Gios and LOL yeah I hear you..sometimes the time isn't right to pull out your camera (Jarome Iginla for me) lol ok will end it here before we go off topic. Your pics are really nice!! ..and when my kids are older I want those kind of roadtrips!
  5. do you mean you spoke to them but didn't take pics or?? They are a bunch of nice guys (for the most part) Thanks for the offer for the's ok it's only for a wallpaper at work. If my wife saw your Max pics, she'd want them all!! (even if she has some great ones too) I think PK is her fav Hab now. (or Gio?)
  6. didn't look at them all, but great pics CRB. (great memories) Using one of your Max pics as my background at work now.
  7. Really impressed with his offensive side. Wish he would have shot yesterday though when he had that 2 on 1 (2nd period I think?)
  8. cause they should have retired it after my boy ZED wore it.
  9. I like him, but really painful to watch how slow he is.....
  10. almost forgot about this guy.
  11. Not that I want him to play, but he does have to get a start this month. vs Isles (on the 27th)?
  12. Maxou? Kaleta would kick Max's butt (I think) so Max stay away please!! No penalties tonight...just a goal (or two).
  13. yeah I was oh well..happens to the best of them.
  14. replaced by Moen? I am not a fan of Benny's (go read what I have said all summer), but he has been hitting at least. AND if you are going to remove him from top 6...why on earth give his place to Moen? LOL weep we were typing at the same time.
  15. Loved the goal. Hated the hit Come on Max!!