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  1. Looks like a valuable fourth liner, would like to see him dressed tonight to.
  2. I strongly believe we have to limit the shots Ottawa is taking from the point. Those are not Carey's strong points and Ottawa, with Karlsson especially, is dangerous back there. We'll also have to take less stupid penalites. Other then that, the boys looked solid. Very excited about our fourth line!
  3. So the games not on television for me. Can anyone fill me in on how were playing?
  4. I look forward to seeing a hard hitting forward in our lineuo, will miss Jiri though, no doubt.
  5. Got my fingers crossed... can only watch the scoreboard on NHL .com Let's go boys, we need a point.!
  6. Well I must say I'm glad this isn't on tv in BC. Looks like another disaster.
  7. He is certainly still clumsy with the puck and hasn't found a knack at making a good first pass, but his position is sound on the ice so that is a sign of better things to come.
  8. I agree, Carey. I think he can be a solid physical player in this league.
  9. Nice thread Col! Huge game on saturday, need to stay tucked behind Anaheim for the league lead in points.
  10. Was just going to comment on the missed shots. Absolutley pathetic effort tonight in a must win game.
  11. So glad I'm not having to watch this. It sure is looking ugly.
  12. glad I'm not able to watch this one (RDS hab games blocked off in BC.....). Saw that we went down one nothing AGAIN. How are they going to ever score first...? Do you guys see any signs of a goal to come for the boys...