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  1. I agree, Carey. I think he can be a solid physical player in this league.
  2. Well said Jedi. I haven't watched him play much, but his size is already an upgrade over thé tired/ small Gionta.
  3. Miami is toast, the dynasty takes a break ! What is it, 3 straight championships for them?
  4. My thoughts exactly kinot. I've said it before, and while they are different styled puck handlers for sure, he has the nicest set of hands since Kovalev played here. He deserves another chance here, if he was interested in returning. On a line with say, Lars Eller, height and weight, thats a line that could make real damage. Throw on Borque on that line and thats some serious height. Vanek fits the montreal canadien mold so perfectly, I sure hope we've only saw a sample of whats to come with Vanek! (*crosses fingers*)
  5. Emotional post Habberwacky, but its not completely out of the question that he resigns!! He had some good games, its just a matter of, will the good out weigh the bad for Vaneks side and for ours.
  6. Way more active on the puck though he still had a lazy first period. Could have had 3 assists by nights end, 1 is a start though.
  7. Agreed Jennifer. That said, nicest and softest pair of hands since Alexei Kovalev wore number 27 for us.
  8. Beautiful hands in front of the net.
  9. The season was a mess for every team. Season starting in January is weird enough, only playing teams within your conference 48 straight times is even stranger. It makes it hard to really judge where the team is at, 2nd place or not. I wasn't pleased myself with the finish of the season. To me though, Paul McLean turned the series into the media war after his comments of Lars Eller and "number 61" (Raphael Diaz) ,but I would strongly agree that PK Subban's comments before game 5 were completely not needed. It held as much ground as Brandon Jennings of the Milwaukee Bucks in the NBA saying "were beating the Miami Heat in 6". Gameplay wise, it fell apart in the third period of game 4. Un-acceptable, poorly played, can't blow that lead. Didn't look like desperate hockey, looked like they were still happy to have clinched a playoff spot. I question the depth at center and on defense myself, Gorges, Boullion, Markov, Diaz, all had a very below average series, but where do you point the finger, I guess management, because those are all third pairing defenseman in my mind. Dumont seems like a good guy, but like David Desharnais and Jeff Halperin, I don't see the need to keep re-kindling the roster with these kinds of players. All that being said, congratulations to the rookies on the team that had a great year and wore their heart proud on the Canadians crest, and here's to a good recovery to the inured Carey, Brian, Brandon, Alexei, Lars and Ryan.
  10. Going back to the regular season the team was having a difficult time scoring the first goal and putting the pressure on our opponent and the trend is continuing into early May. There have been starts with a-lot of shots, but not good threatening point blanks that throw off Anderson early, not enough scoring in the first period in games 1 and 2. When we won in game 2, the guy's dragged a 0-0 game along as long as they could and scored first, but the bottom line is starts need to be better and even more aggressive. There was one great grinding it out with physicality and speed shift by the White/Moen line in the early goings of the first last night that shifted the momentum briefly, but none of out offensive guns really responded until Ottawa had the 1-0 lead.
  11. Figured that with his added experience and maturity at 27 that he may be a wildcard playoff rookie in this series and offset a-lot of the offense coming the other way from Karlsson/Gonchar on Ottawa. Not the case. In the defensive zone especially it's been a pretty atrocious ride for Diaz and the fact not much is coming from the point offensively is making it worse IMO. Perhaps he was rushed back from the injury to compensate for the loss of Emelin, who knows, but either way Raphael is playing worse then expected and auditions of Weber in years past looked a little more steady then this right now.
  12. With the weird and un-appealing schedule (no playoff game for Montreal on a saturday night?? Come on!) I had a bad gut feeling we'd be down 3-0 by sunday. Not the case but morale can't be to much higher then if that was the case after Ottawa discarded us easily last night. What's really shocking to see though, is that Ottawa seemed like the tougher building to play in then Montreal.
  13. Way to much pinching by the defense. It's exploiting Carey way to much. Really a tough one to watch last night, the sound was turned off by the third period.
  14. Your right IMO, to many other many variables on the ice for 50 shots to indicate "totally outplaying another team". That goal by Rene Bourque in the second was icing, mix up the offense get thinking differently. Can't expect backhand roofers all night long but was a beauty goal nonetheles! I'd disagree about Carey needing to have a big game though. Defense still needs to play tighter and more like a unit and give up less point blank chances. Carey needs to obviously play playoff mentality hockey but there is no free pass for sloppy defensive zone play because CP31 is in net.
  15. Played 20 minutes, probably to much for Raphael who may have been rushed back into the lineup quicker then needed be because of Emelin's injury. Besides Andrei Markov and Josh Gorges to a lesser extent the defense is in-experienced.
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