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  1. Some, but not all. It takes a mixture of both, IMHO. Right now, I'm very concerned about seeing guys like Kovalev and company unable to motivate themselves for division rivals. Brings back memories of two years ago.
  2. No one is asking them to be robots. Carbo "motivated" them after the second period against Columbus, then again after the game against the Leafs. Is it normal for professionals to need added motivation when playing arch rivals like Toronto and Boston?, especially after the coach "motivated" them the game before?
  3. I appear not to be the only one to think that way. Pros are pros... or should be.
  4. Guy doesn't have to "remind" them of anything! He "reminded" them after the second period of the game against Columbus. He "reminded" them after the Leafs' game. How often do they need to be "reminded"? He needs to put Begin, who's eating the boards wanting to play, in the line-up.
  5. "Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard!"
  6. Montreal Alouettes' player Matthieu Proulx: "What we need to remember is that at some point, when you're a professional and you get paid to play, you have to find it in yourself to prepare for a game and get pumped, get motivated."
  7. I don't know that I should ask as I fear the answer, but why is that?
  8. "The coach can't keep on having meetings to have to motivate his team every game, it makes no sense. If the team can't motivate themselves for two consecutive games, there's something wrong there!" ~ Michel Bergeron, former Quebec Nordiques' head coach. When asked if he would have pulled Price, Michel Bergeron said: "Perhaps I would have, but I can see why Carbonneau kept him in there. He most likely spoke to Roland Melançon between periods and they made the decision to keep him there. He's most likely thinking that he doesn't want to pull his young players every time they make mistakes, he doesn't want to be a Mike Keenan."
  9. Carbo: "I'm still looking for answers and we'll be looking for answers tomorrow as to why we came out flat tonight." "Of course I thought about pulling Price, but like other players on this team, he needs to learn to battle through tougher situations." When asked about Komo who didn't play after his fight: "No news yet about him. That's how we played last year. We stood up for each other and we're not doing it enough this year"
  10. I've replied through PM's... not to be too personal.
  11. Why is it that with Carbonneau, there always seems to be a but? He was runner-up for the Jack Adams, but... He got his team to finish first in the Eastern conference last year, but... He has a 9-2-2 record this year, getting 20 out of a possible 26 points, but... His message went through to his team, but... I give him full credit!
  12. I'm telling you Miltie, the Chicken Little syndrome is back! Run!
  13. Nope. Big Bird as the assistant coach in charge of the defense. Nothing more for me thank you.
  14. No thanks. I can make my own blogs if I wish to read something knowledgeable.
  15. Who's Robert L and what does he know that we don't?
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