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  1. So are great coaches great, because they had players who could motivate themselves ?

    Or are great coaches great, because they new how to motivate?

    I am sure Scotty Bowman must have had some input!

    Some, but not all. It takes a mixture of both, IMHO. Right now, I'm very concerned about seeing guys like Kovalev and company unable to motivate themselves for division rivals. Brings back memories of two years ago.

  2. It would be nice if pro athletes were robots and needed absolutely no guidance or push, just like I'm sure it would be nice for a manager any place of employment to have such hard working professionals that all he had to do was put his feet up and watch his boys work their butts off. It's not the reality right now so either Guy needs to do something to get these guys going, or if they're so indifferent that there's nothing he can do then we basically have to tear the team down at the end of this season, and with the number of UFA's we have that wouldn't be all that hard.

    I'm not blaming Guy, it very well could be the players, but if so I'd suspect that some of our core guys here have major character issues, and that we need to take a different approach. It's probably not that hard to speculate, in your head, a few of the players I'm referring to.

    No one is asking them to be robots. Carbo "motivated" them after the second period against Columbus, then again after the game against the Leafs. Is it normal for professionals to need added motivation when playing arch rivals like Toronto and Boston?, especially after the coach "motivated" them the game before?

  3. That's a major role of the coach, no? If the team has all the talent and ability and can motivate themselves 100% of the time, what purpose does a coach serve? ;)

    I appear not to be the only one to think that way. Pros are pros... or should be.

    Montreal Alouettes' player Matthieu Proulx:

    "What we need to remember is that at some point, when you're a professional and you get paid to play, you have to find it in yourself to prepare for a game and get pumped, get motivated."

  4. Guy just has to remind this group of a couple issues and set them to reality, he needs to remind them that they are the same team that battled for each other just one season ago he needs to get that feeling back in the room

    Guy doesn't have to "remind" them of anything! He "reminded" them after the second period of the game against Columbus. He "reminded" them after the Leafs' game. How often do they need to be "reminded"? :angry:

    He needs to put Begin, who's eating the boards wanting to play, in the line-up.

  5. I give him one week, until the end of next Thursday's game against Ottawa, to get it together. Then I begin to seriously doubt him and question his ability to take this team to the Stanley Cup Final level.

    I don't know that I should ask as I fear the answer, but why is that?

  6. "The coach can't keep on having meetings to have to motivate his team every game, it makes no sense. If the team can't motivate themselves for two consecutive games, there's something wrong there!" ~ Michel Bergeron, former Quebec Nordiques' head coach.

    Shades of Mario Tremblay

    Hey Guy :

    Have you ever heard of changing goalies to give the team a spark .

    Not leave your goalie in to get shell shocked

    When asked if he would have pulled Price, Michel Bergeron said:

    "Perhaps I would have, but I can see why Carbonneau kept him in there. He most likely spoke to Roland Melançon between periods and they made the decision to keep him there. He's most likely thinking that he doesn't want to pull his young players every time they make mistakes, he doesn't want to be a Mike Keenan."

  7. Carbo:

    "I'm still looking for answers and we'll be looking for answers tomorrow as to why we came out flat tonight."

    "Of course I thought about pulling Price, but like other players on this team, he needs to learn to battle through tougher situations."

    When asked about Komo who didn't play after his fight:

    "No news yet about him. That's how we played last year. We stood up for each other and we're not doing it enough this year"

  8. Not to get too personal here, but didn't you post in the Kovalev thread after a 4 point night that he had 7 turnovers? (or another way to word that post would be "he had a 4 point night, but he had 7 turnovers". Not that there's anything wrong with this, we obviously encourage debate even after an excellent game, just curious how it's any different?

    I've replied through PM's... not to be too personal.

  9. Why is it that with Carbonneau, there always seems to be a but? He was runner-up for the Jack Adams, but... He got his team to finish first in the Eastern conference last year, but... He has a 9-2-2 record this year, getting 20 out of a possible 26 points, but... His message went through to his team, but...

    I give him full credit! ;)

  10. Great idea except I might have to tell Carbo that I prefer Big Bird as the head coach.

    When is Carbo going to put together a checking line? Defense includes the forwards. I guess Carbo, Jarvis, and Muller have been reading too much press clippings and thing we are the high flying Canadiens of the 70s. Of course those same Cup winning teams from the 70s had the best checking line of all time.

    Most of the easy goals over the past two games have been the result of poor defensive play from EVERYONE on the ice. It is also due to the fact that no checking exists on the team unless you count the 4th line which cannot play against top lines as the 4th line lacks the SKILL to cover top lines.

    Nope. Big Bird as the assistant coach in charge of the defense. Nothing more for me thank you.

  11. Robert L has a good blog today on Carbonneau's coaching, and how he is not holding the players responsible for their lack of discipline on the ice. He also talks about Carbonneau's lack of transparency when he shows his reactions to calls by the officials. We are all familiar with his facial reactions, etc., and Robert L says that this rubs off on the players as well. I am sure that the officials are also well aware of how Carbonneau reacts to almost every penalty called against the Habs.


    Who's Robert L and what does he know that we don't?

  12. I don't remember if it was during the game, at the intermission or on the post game show on RDS l'antrechambre, but someone mentioned something that really got me thinking. He asked the following:

    "At this point of the season, should Carbonneau be coaching or motivating this team?"

    When I first heard that, I was thinking to myself that he should do both, right? But he went on to explain that we have a talented team who will certainly make the playoffs. By coaching he meant directing (diriger) and by motivating he meant pushing. If he's pushing them too much early on in the season, they may either get burnt out or simply not responding when it really matters. He could, on the other hand, simply coach them without the added pressure and whatever happens, happens. When the time comes, he can then add the motivation factor to his coaching and players will be somewhat rested and responding better at that time.

  13. On another note, does anyone but me feel that some of our defensive deficiencies stem from the fact that none of our coaches was a defenseman? We have three ex-forwards behind the bench in Carbo, Jarvis, and Muller, but nobody who actually used to play defense. Watching how easy it is to exploit our entire D corps, I can't help but feel that they aren't being coached up properly. This isn't a knock on our coaches, just a reflection on an area of expertise in which they might be quite naturally lacking.

    Nothing I'd like more than adding Big Bird to our coaching staff.

  14. Yes, 1 goal and 1 assist in 9 games, plus he had a hit and a blocked shot last night. Does that mean that I now have to watch him play in the next 10 games in a row? I feel sorry for O'Byrne who did well last year, but now seems to have had his confidence stripped away this year. He knows if he makes a mistake, he will be sitting on the bench for the rest of the game, plus he will be in the pressbox for the next game.

    Carbo seems to be rotating them. I think it's a good idea. It rests Breezer and gives O'Byrne some experience. Let's not act as if it's Komisarek that we're sitting from time to time. :lol:

  15. Or, la pression se gère mieux lorsqu'on travaille avec un coach qui vous laisse l'espace pour vous exprimer ! Après avoir joué pour des entraîneurs durs comme Keenan, Bob Hartley et Joel Quenneville, Tanguay est heureux de se retrouver sous les ordres de Guy Carbonneau.

    «Avec lui, c'est moins difficile de se préparer mentalement. Si tu fais tes affaires, il va te laisser tranquille, a-t-il indiqué. Son système de jeu est vraiment conçu à partir des joueurs qu'il a. On est une équipe qui patine et qui est bonne en possession de la rondelle, et la marge de manoeuvre qu'il nous laisse à l'attaque est bien appréciée.»


    The pressure is more manageable when you work with a coach who leaves you some leeway to express yourself! After playing for hard nosed coaches like Keenan, Bob Hartley and Joel Quenneville, Tanguay is happy to play under Guy Carbonneau.

    «With him, it's not as hard to prepare yourself mentally. If you do your job, he'll leave you alone, he says. His system is truly custom made for the players he has. We're a team that skates and that is good when in possession of the puck, and the freedom he gives us on offense is very much appreciated.»

    How interesting, especially after the negativity we've read about Carbonneau on this forum. Refreshing to get an inside opinion.

  16. Carbonneau prévient les flâneurs

    Mardi 04 novembre 2008


    À trois jours de sa prochaine rencontre, vendredi à Columbus, le Canadien a repris l'entraînement sur la patinoire du Centre Bell. Pour l'occasion, l'entraîneur Guy Carbonneau a apporté une seule modification à ses trios.

    Guillaume Latendresse a été muté sur la troisième unité en compagnie de Robert Lang et de Sergei Kostitsyn. C'est Chris Higgins qui prenait la place de l'attaquant québécois avec Saku Koivu et Alex Tanguay.

    "Je n'ai aucun problème avec ça, assure Latendresse. Ça a bien fonctionné lors du dernier match. Je vais essayer de pousser fort pour que les trois, on patine ensemble."

    Tout juste avant le début de l'entraînement de mardi, Guy Carbonneau a pris le temps de parler à ses joueurs. Et le message ne pouvait être plus clair.

    "La période de rodage est terminée, a annoncé Carbo aux journalistes. La mauvaise nouvelle pour certains, c'est qu'on a 23 joueurs en santé, prêts à jouer à chaque match."

    Parmi les joueurs qui devront en donner plus, on peut regarder du côté de Sergei Kostitsyn, qui n'a aucun point à ses sept derniers matchs malgré un temps de glace moyen de près de 15 minutes.

    "Il y en a qui pensent qu'ils travaillent, mais en fait ce sont les autres qui le font à leur place. Dans un match, c'est normal qu'il y ait des baisses de régime, mais on n’est pas aveugle, on connaît les fautifs."


    Carbonneau warns the slackers

    Three days away from their next game, Friday in Columbus, the Canadiens hit the ice at the Bell Centre. For the occasion, head coach Guy Carbonneau made only one change to his lines.

    Guillaume Latendresse was skating on the third line with Robert Lang and Sergei Kostitsyn. It was Chris Higgins who was taking his spot with Saku Koivu and Alex Tanguay.

    "I have no problems with that, assures Latendresse. It worked well during the last game. I will try my best to push hard so that all three of us skate together."

    Just prior to the start of Tuesday's practice, Guy Carbonneau took the time to talk to his players. And the message couldn't be clearer.

    "The testing period is over, announced Carbo to the reporters. The bad news for some is that we have 23 healthy players, ready to play in every game."

    Amongst the players who will have to give more, we can look towards Sergei Kostitsyn, who doesn't have a point in his last 7 games in spite of an average of 15 minutes of ice time.

    "There are some who think that they're working but in reality, it's the others who are doing it for them. During the course of a game, it's normal to see a drop in production, but we're not blind, we know the ones who are at fault."

    That was most likely along the lines of the message sent in between the second and third period of the last game. If players aren't motivated by that, I don't know what will.

  17. I know Carbo probably ripped into them, but I would hope their pride would be enough to wake them up in the 3rd period. That was embarrassing.

    He might have given them that opportunity after the first period and we know what happened in the second. Carbonneau stated that he gave his players a very clear speech. I'd like to know what it was.

  18. im guessing the 2nd int message didnt include plans for an off day sunday lol

    Possible. I'm thinking more along the lines that they have a healthy line-up and no one is guaranteed to play on Friday. And since Carbo has shown in the past that he's not afraid to sit his best players if they don't perform, they took him seriously.

  19. Interesting. But also a strange statement. Carbo did change up the lines. So it was not just the speech that got the team to play in the 3rd period.

    I'm just reporting what he said... But it's definitely interesting that he would have said that. I'd like to know what the message was as it sure whipped them at the right place!

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