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  1. I was listening to the post-game interview with Carbonneau and when asked about his line juggling in the third, he said that after the speech he gave them, it wouldn't matter which line combo he'd be putting on the ice, they were fired up!
  2. "Ce n’est pas toujours facile de mettre la rondelle dans le fond du filet. Ça prend de la créativité, de la rapidité. C’est pour ça qu’il faut laisser un peu plus de liberté à des joueurs aussi talentueux que Koivu, Kovalev, Plekanec, les Kostitsyn, croit Tanguay. Guy (Carbonneau) était un joueur intelligent et les joueurs intelligents font des entraîneurs intelligents." Source... "It's not always easy to put the puck in the back of the net. You need creativity, speed. That's why you need to give a bit of freedom to talented players like Koivu, Kovalev, Plekanec, the Kostitsyn's, believes Tanguay. Guy (Carbonneau) was a smart player and smart players make smart coaches."
  3. I liked it very much when Nolan said that. I think I'll change my signature back to that. "Sometimes, we look at what we did wrong too much and not look at what the other team did right." ~ Ted Nolan
  4. Absolutely and that's the reason why I've been pushing or a sniper, sacrificing Higgins in the trade.
  5. That was one game, his first game back! It's actually amazing that he's created so many chances for himself when he hasn't played a game yet! He still scored 27 goals last year, let's not forget!
  6. Yet, Koivu scored on a beautiful pass from... you guessed it, Higgins. And Higgins got a partial breakaway on a beautiful feed by... once again, Koivu! Those two will be reunited very soon, I have no doubt. They've been playing together for 3 years and have had success together. Latendresse will find himself on Lang's line, where he was supposed to start anyway. When Kostitsyn is back, we'll finally have our 3 offensive lines. EDIT: Reading all those posts, one loss and Carbo is taking all the wrong decisions.
  7. Love that personal photo there Rage! JL

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