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  1. our fourth line needed to get better so MB went out and made some trades, great! But why is Deslauriers still playing every game? The GM can only do so much...Deslauriers is arguably the worst everyday player in the NHL but yet CJ is obsessed! I do not mind the rotating door on the fourth line to keep it fresh and keep that internal competition going but D-LO has got to sit a few out as well, I am fearful that Hudon gets waived once Byron is healthy...ugh I would like this fourth line Byron - Thompson - Weise Byron - Peca - Hudon Bryon - Thompson - Weise but never Deslauriers, even with Byron out Peca - Thompson - Weise
  2. If I were GM I would be looking to bolster my roster to make sure that we make the playoffs, falling just short of the playoffs at this point would be the worst case scenario IMO. I do not know who exactly but a proven player that can score, plays PP and is responsible 2 way player, that shoots right... I am ok with the D as is, as I think they have proven that they can hang with the best of them when healthy but if a LHD with term is available then I would jump at that too. It might seem costly(and an unpopular opinion) but I would even give up our first rounder for one of those two players (or get both from one team maybe?) I do not think that this team is one or two players away from being a contender but I do believe that anything can happen in the playoffs, and even if we get bounced in the first round then you have some young guys that just garnered a taste of PO experience to go along with this successful season. The only other option is to sell, sel,l sell, and tank, tank, tank (imagine how your players would respond to this though). At this point finishing last in the NHL is better than just missing the playoffs for these habs (or just about anyone for that matter) I think the players have earned themselves a push from the GM, what do you guys think?
  3. No doubt about that but every team can have guys that get injured, I just think that with their depth they are the most likely to weather that storm. Plus I did qualify my statement by stating that they are the best reg season team I remember in recent memory...yet to prove that in the playoffs. Time will tell but right now there is no one even close to them in this league...and it's not that the rest of the league is bad, it's that TB is that good. AND I HATE IT!
  4. This game taught me two things, how close they are to contending but also how much work lies ahead in order to get there...anyway, in all reality TB is legitimately the only contender if we're using them as a mold. There is NO other team like them this season, nor do I remember there being one this good in the reg season for a long while. Considering the cap era, this might be the very best team from top to bottom the regular season. I want to keep telling myself that it will be a completely different story come playoffs but TB is too good, I don't think anyone can beat them in a 7 game series, they are too deep, too explosive, too defensively strong and their goalie is good too.
  5. I love the compete level of this team, they are very exciting to watch - I predicted on twitter (pinned it too) that they would find themselves in a WC spot with 97pts, I believe that they are on pace for that now...or close to it. I have zero issue with the top 9 on this team and you could basically combo them all and still end up with three solid lines up front and no lose anything defensively, too. What I do have issue with is our fourth line, acquiring Weise and Thompson is great and all, I actually like both moves, I just don't like that CJ didn't take this opportunity to sit Deslauriers down for a game and get Hudon back out, Weiser set up D-LO a few times but he just doesn't have the finnish needed...I have never been given a good explanation as to why DLO plays day in and day out...anyone here want to have a crack at it?
  6. I sure wish we still had player threads...anyway. Jesperi played an inspired game but wasn't quite himself, but Joel Armia was a boat anchor in this contest which affected his whole line Drouin really annoys me - right now I would take a LHD PMD (Sergachev) over what he's bringing to the club. He needs to be more consistent with his drive and willingness to go to dirty areas. Price was good and kept them in the game but he was merely average, I expect a better performance from him against the Wild If they play like this against the Wild then it will be another 4-1 loss. PS - Deslauriers is not an NHL hockey player, I am baffled at his usage at this point.
  7. The essence of the cap was to create fairness and with that they created another area of inequality. If the NHL was serious about giving every team an even playing field with concern to signing players under a hard cap then they would definitely look at adjusting the cap, or allowing a "tax makeup" signing bonus that doesn't go against the cap. Either that, or for every % of tax difference you adjust the nets of the opposing team by that %
  8. I never did hear or see anything with regard to the Gudas hit??
  9. I truly hope that you're right with regard to the AG comment, I think we are just now seeing the true emergence of a young player. He is ELITE!
  10. It's so utterly horrendous Ted. It's downright embarrassing. If they had hired a pylon to sit in the GM chair 6 years ago then the Habs would be in a better spot, seriously, if he had made zero moves, we'd have Price playing lights out in his contract year to convince the pylon to extend him(I was convinced that Price deserved the contract he got, and still am). Sure Rad and Markov are gone but we still have Subban and Sergachev. Desharnais is holding down the fort like he always has at 2C...ok maybe even the pylon trades him, lol. Anyway, my point is that you could try to make this team worse than it was a few years ago and fail at it but somehow MB found a way to do it perfectly. As far at the Tank job, well I do not believe in them, I say end this season fighting until the end, it only does the team good to get a winning culture back in the room, tanking now ain't what it used to be, if it was then Edmonton would be lighting up the league and would have a few cups to add to their 5. If I am GM, I hold onto all off my valuable pieces because most of them are at their lowest value ever, Weber will get you nothing, Patches is undervalued by most GMs, Price's numbers aren't good (again, I feel this does not quantify the value he still has to this team), Gallagher is the beating heart of this org; untouchable in my opinion, Petry is our last bastion as far as experienced PMD. The only players that I would trade before the deadline is Plekanec, Alzner, Benn, Morrow, Shaw. You don't get much for those guys but this upcoming UFA off season is looking pretty decent, so patience is key here. Who knows, maybe Tavares might be plausible ( I still think that's a massive pipe dream but if MB pulls that one off then I give him another 6 year plan;)) So with Plks 6m off the books, if you manage to trade Alzner (4.6m) and Shaw (3.9m), that opens up 14.5m (just enough to get Tavares!!
  11. My response in parentheses, I added Bergeron to the Hart list because he'd get my #1 vote so far.
  12. Galchenyuk is by far our most offensively gifted player. I find that he plays decent defensively. For example, when Carolina's Derek Ryan scored with 3 seconds left in the third, it was Benn that made the ill-advised pinch at the blueline with 11 seconds left, then Galchenyuk broke up the play and eliminated the scoring chance for 1/2 of a second, had Deslauriers been back checking as hard as AG27 did on that play then Ryan would not be left untouched to slap home the easy goal. Do not tell me to remove my blinders, I watch every minute of hockey that this team plays, sometimes twice if my PVR is working. That play is one small example of why +/- (or any other stat) can be an ineffective way to measure a player's value because the most valuable player on the ice during that play was AG27 and he was a -1. If stats were the only way to value a player then teams would be saving themselves a whole bunch of money on flights for scouts, all you'd have to do it log into corsica to find a good trade. Please do not get me wrong, I like stats, they are a good tool to help coaches and players focus on where they need to improve. At the end of the day the only stat that matters is the one in the W column - if you want more of those then you need more goals, if you want more goals then in today's NHL you need less Jordie Benns, Karl Alzners and David Schlemkos and more Jeff Petrys. The best teams in the NHL all have mobile D that help drive the offence by effectively breaking out of their zone. If you want to win you need Candy like Galchenyuk, he's built for today's NHL and if he's traded for picks and prospects then his entire tenure with the Habs will have been a complete waste.
  13. I still can NOT understand the reluctance to use him at C. Just because he’s propping up our newly acquired golden boy? The most dynamic player is playing wing alongside Deslaurier? Wow. Is Therrien back there pulling the strings still?
  14. Yup me too. I find it’s now messy and difficult to navigate. This place was nice for that organizational value. Now it’s exactly like reddit. R/Habs is great for current discussions and they have an app
  15. Says me lol. Just teasing.