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  1. Haha incredible post. Those were still fun wins to watch though, especially in the Jose Theodore days when he was playing completely out of his mind.
  2. Can't fault the refs on that one. Turris clearly stops up ahead of the crease but gets crashed in by Plekanec. Good hustle on the backside unfortunately turns with a bad result.
  3. Ack. Would be nice to see one of those bounce inward off the post for a change!
  4. One of our guys, I can't tell who as I can't see a number, left the bench before a defenseman was close and tried to lay a hit at centre ice before the defenseman was at the bench. Since he tried to engage the play before the change was complete, that's probably why he got called.
  5. You can't tell with the camera angles if the team is changing or how guys are lined up in the neutral zone. If Ottawa is aligned correctly, it's easier to get through with momentum rather than trying to receive a pass and then find a hole. Plus, there's always a risk of a giveaway.
  6. Probably some sort of artificial ice - I don't think it is ever cold enough to sustain ice anywhere in outdoor Los Angeles otherwise.
  7. Thanks for the kind words, everyone - they're awesome to hear. But honestly, the reason why I stayed on so long was because this was such an enjoyable and insightful place to talk hockey - a testament to the great membership base here. My career and personal commitments have ramped up, but I'll still be around to post and chat when I can. So, you certainly haven't see the last of me. Also - GHC is a big-time ringer on the golf course. Pretty sure he blew me out that day.
  8. I actually do think that Therrien will get a nomination. I don't think he will win - I agree with Big Ted that it is basically Paul Maclean's to lose - but I do think there are a lot of pundits out there that realize how far the team has come in a single year with only a few changes. I think that with Suter going down, Subban is the runaway Norris candidate now. It might have been a tight race otherwise as Suter's impact has been huge in Minnesota, but Suter missing the final weeks of the season will drain a lot of his stock. As for the Vezina - Carey has been great and at times stellar, but I honestly don't even think he falls in the top five this year. There are a number of goalies having exceptional and noticeable years - Rask, Bobrovsky, Lundqvist, Niemi... and you have to think that even though Fleury, Emery, and Crawford have the benefit of playing for powerhouses that they could easily sneak in just based on numbers alone.
  9. I almost don't know what year I'm in. WTG, Mike!
  10. On the positive side, the boys still pulled a point out of it. It's never a bad thing when the night that your goalie has a stinker, that the offense is able to keep pace (or, that the other goalie is just as bad, depending on how you want to look at it). My guess is that this will spurn a "refocussing" and Carey will be quite strong in the weeks to come.
  11. I don't think we completely screwed Dallas in this deal, but I very much like the trade at this point. As good as Cole was last year, he wasn't going to repeat. Plus, he already had shown signs of discontent (ie. comments before the season) and to be honest, I would rather have guys that one to play here. On top of that, Ryder provides a low-risk, reasonable reward situation (motivated guy, been scoring well in recent years, no significant contract left). I liken this a little bit to the Cammy/Bourque trade, but perhaps with slightly more "immediate" impact.
  12. Help or no help (and there was certainly help ), I'm glad that it doesn't discredit Carey's performance in the slightest. He was an absolute rock, regardless of the rest.
  13. I too think that, in time, Armstrong will be fine. He just needs to adjust and find his place with the time. As GHC mentions, perhaps a bit of maturity needs to come as well. However, he's proven in the past to be a valuable asset once he settled into his role with teams like Atlanta and Pittsburgh.
  14. I think he's done a great job of helping to set the tone for the team to start the season, even though he's probably not a vocal leader. He's been extremely responsible, isn't taking penalties, and is playing very physical (in a smart way).
  15. I hear ya. How do you think I felt cheering for both of these teams? I had about three weeks of happiness in December.
  16. If not for three goals, that would have been a boring period. I'd agree, these are two teams probably playing above their heads right now that would have difficulty keep up the play over the course of a season.
  17. The team is pretty small up-the-middle too; while not the "be-all, end-all", size and leverage can help play into things, especially during scrambled face-offs.
  18. Ugh, not consistently good since the days of Yannick Perrault. Bonk was pretty good though - fear the beard!
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